What Mike Tyson Spends on Weed Each Month is CRAZY!


Mike Tyson, who has a massive cannabis ranch out in California, raised a few eyebrows when he revealed on his podcast how much weed he’s been smoking every month.

Mike Tyson weed spend each month

Tyson, who is well-known for his days as a professional boxer from 1985 to 2005, is living a very different life these days. He has been running a company called Tyson Holistic since 2016, selling marijuana strains, extracts, and edibles.

But on top of that, Tyson has started developing Tyson Ranch, which is over 400 acres worth of weed-themed tourism attractions.

Tyson Reveals How Much He Spends on Weed Every Month

Speaking on his podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion said, “What do we smoke a month? It’s about $40,000 a month.”

Did your jaw hit the ground? That is a lot of weed.

I’m going to assume that he’s speaking about more than just himself, especially since he said ‘we.’ He’s likely including his business partners, or maybe his staff at the ranch. Surely no one person could consume that much weed alone.

‘Weed Ranch’ Features Stage, Glamping, Lazy River

In the podcast, he also talked about how his 407-acre ranch sells about $500,000 worth of weed to dispensaries in California. Aside from growing marijuana, as a tourist attraction, the ranch will include things like glamping tents and a luxury hotel, a large outdoor stage for music festivals, and a huge lazy river that takes an hour to make the full circle.

Tyson is also hoping to use the ranch for cannabis research and education, centering on the use of cannabis for health purposes. Cannabis has proven useful for many different kinds of conditions and is used to help Alzheimer’s patients, has been successful in addition to other cancer treatments, and can also be used for depression treatment, just to name a few.

Tyson Wants to Help Others After Experiencing Benefits of Medical Marijuana

In Tyson’s case, medical marijuana may have saved him from becoming an opiate addict. After putting his body through so much wear and tear, fighting professionally for over 20 years and needing two surgeries so far, he said that doctors had him on opiates that he says had him “all screwed up.”

After experiencing the benefits of marijuana first-hand, using it to calm his nerves and manage pain, Tyson realized he could help people wth cannabis. He is hoping that his weed ranch will do just that.