Nicolas Cage’s Interview is Everything You Hoped it Would Be


Nicolas Cage has been in romance movies. Comedies. Action flicks, and everything in between. He has over 100 acting credits to his name according to IMDB, and sometimes it seems this actor will take literally anything that comes his way.

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Recently he sat down with an interviewer from The New York Times to talk about his life, his relationships, and his movies. And if you expected things to get weird, you weren’t wrong. Cage has long been known for his eccentric lifestyle and personality, and this interview only amplifies that.

On His Purple Rain “Singing”

In April a video of Cage went around the internet of him at a karaoke bar singing Purple Rain. Well, not so much singing as moaning awkwardly into a microphone. For as much talent as he may have at acting (And some would even question that, let’s be honest), he is not skilled when it comes to singing.

He claimed in his interview that he was a huge Prince fan, and a friend of his convinced him to leave his apartment on a holiday weekend to do something fun. Karaoke at a local bar with a no filming policy seemed like a good idea, where he chose to “primal scream” to express his feelings.

Apparently, those feelings involved his wife of only four days, Erika Koike, who he married in March. They annulled the wedding just four days after tying the knot. He “didn’t want to talk about it” with the interviewer, and the topic wasn’t brought up again.

Anti-Drug Stance

With all of his crazy antics, Cage says that he is decidedly anti-drug. He only drinks in between movies to ‘erase’ his previous characters, and the drinking allows him to start afresh character on a clean slate. Despite rumors, Cage was never an opiate addict in his lifetime and mostly shies away from illegal substances.

This means that Cage’s crazy is all just himself, no drugs required.

How Cobra’s Hypnotized Him

In a famous interview with Letterman, Cage shared that he had two cobras who would hypnotize him by showing him their back, and then turning and lunging at him. He felt they wanted to kill him.

This is also a true story, according to Cage. After the city found out he had cobras, he had to rehome them at a local zoo, but the hypnotizing motion of the snakes influenced the way character that he played in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

On How He Got Johnny Depp His Acting Career

Nicolas Cage credits his influence to Johnny Depp starting to act in the first place. The two were friends in the early 1980s and played monopoly together while Depp was trying to start a music career.

Cage asked why Depp didn’t try his hand at acting, but Depp said that “No, I can’t act.” Cage insisted that he would be a good actor, though, and set Depp up with his agent. He was cast in Nightmare on Elm Street days afterward, becoming an overnight acting sensation.

On His Grail Quest

During the interview, Cage made an off-handed comment about something that “you might call a grail quest”. The interviewer jumped on it, asking what exactly he meant about that, and how did it involve his financial troubles and extensive properly purchases (At one point, Cage owned property in Malibu, the Caribbean, and New Orleans, as well as a castle in both Germany and England)?

Cage explained yes, he actually went on a National Treasure-style hunt for the holy grail, where he drank water from a spring in Glastonbury that tasted of blood, rumored to be because the grail that held Christ’s blood was hidden there, and the trail eventually led him to Rhode Island of all places, where he ultimately bought property.

The ultimate grail?

Cage says “What is the Grail but Earth itself? …The divine object is Earth.”