R. Kelly Charged with More Sex Crimes, Held Without Bail on Federal Charges


R. Kelly is in even more legal trouble. A pair of charges in Minnesota has just been added to the singer’s mounting problems. Here’s what happened.


The Dirty Details

The latest charges stem from a 2001 incident when R. Kelly allegedly offered to pay a 17-year-old fan $200 to dance nude in his hotel room.

The girl–who has not been named–reportedly approached Kelly for an autograph at a mall. He jotted down his phone number, and when she agreed to meet him, he offered her money and “helped her remove her clothing” before getting nude himself and engaging in sex acts with her, according to the official charges.

Afterward, Kelly allegedly gave the girl a pass to his concert at an 18+ club–a place she would not have been able to access otherwise because of her age.

Why Now?

The woman came forward as charges piled up against Kelly. She contacted celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who is representing a number of Kelly’s other alleged victims.

“As this new case demonstrates, it is not too late for there to be justice for even more victims of R. Kelly,” Allred stated. On August 1st, Chicago prosecutors urged victims to break their silence and come forward.

State Attorney Kim Foxx appears to be gathering evidence of even more potential crimes. However, Kelly is already in a huge amount of trouble from both state and federal prosecutors.

A Complete Rundown of Charges and Allegations

Stories about R. Kelly’s alleged pursuit of young women and even underage girls dates back to the beginning of his career. Here’s a brief rundown of the timeline:


In 1994, a then-27 R. Kelly married 15-year-old Aaliyah in a secret ceremony; the marriage was later annulled. He has since refused to speak about her, even after her untimely death in a plane crash.

In 1996, he was sued by Tiffany Hawkins for personal injury and emotional distress during their three-year relationship–a relationship that allegedly began when she was 15.


In 2001, Tracy Sampson sued the R&B star for coercing her into a sexual relationship when she was 17 years old. Sampson claims that Kelly controlled “every aspect” of her life. Two more court cases followed in 2002, with the alleged victims claiming forced abortions and underage sex tapes.

In 2002, he was slapped with 21 counts of making child pornography. While awaiting trial for the next 6 years, Kelly released Trapped in the Closet and found his career soaring to new heights. Eventually, he was found not guilty.

But he was charged again with 12 more counts in Florida. The case was mishandled by the police, and the charges dropped.


Still with me? Fast forward to 2017, when Buzzfeed broke a story about an alleged sex cult run by R. Kelly. Six women claim that they were seduced by the superstar and then trapped in a nightmare of control and abuse.

The Buzzfeed report seemed to open the floodgates of victims coming forward to recount their alleged abuse by R. Kelly. In 2019, the documentary Surviving R. Kelly brought together his accusers to describe what they had been through.

Just two weeks after the documentary aired, Kelly was dropped by his record label. In February, he was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Chicago. Prosecutors added 11 additional charges, including abuse against a minor.

On July, 2 federal indictments–one based in Illinois and the other in New York–landed simultaneously. Those charges include sex trafficking and obstruction of justice.

Throughout all of these charges and allegations, Kelly has maintained his innocence. He is currently being held without bail in federal custody.