Olivia Newton-John Fighting Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis


Beloved English-Australian entertainer Olivia Newton-John is facing her third cancer diagnosis, but that hasn’t stopped her from fighting for others.


In a recent interview with 60 Minutes Australia, she explained that she’s not interested in knowing about her life expectancy.

“You’re suddenly given the possibility of the time limit,” she said. She then expounded on why she doesn’t want to know how long she might have left. “If you believe the statistics,” she said, “you’re going to make them happen.”

Focus on Fundraising

“Every day is a gift,” said Newton-John. Instead of dwelling on the notion that her life could be cut short by cancer, she noted the possibility of being “hit by a truck tomorrow.”

A proponent of using cannabis in treating the effects of the disease, she is directing her attention towards fundraising.

The 4-time Grammy award-winner will be selling off around 200 items from her personal collection to support cancer treatment research. Items up for auction include several pieces of movie memorabilia and a number of outfits she’s worn over the years.

Not only is she selling her original script from 1978’s Grease, the iconic outfit she wore in the final scene will also be up for grabs. The auction will be held in California this November.

Prevailing Optimism

The 70-year-old the singer, actress, and activist has beaten cancer before and is optimistic she can do it again. Back in January, she also refuted rumors that she was nearing the end of her time.

Newton-John was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, the same week her father passed away. She overcame the disease and went on to become an advocate for cancer research.

In 2013, following a minor automobile accident, she was again diagnosed with the disease. At first, doctors thought a lump on her shoulder was simply a seat belt injury. As it turned out, her cancer was back and had spread. At the time, she kept the diagnosis to herself.

Though she’s beaten breast cancer two times now, in 2017 it came back again.

Alternative Treatments

Though she has undergone radiation therapy, Newton-John has also turned to natural treatments as well. She’s eliminated sugar from her diet, eats probiotic foods, and she takes a mixture of herbs every day, too. Her husband blends these into her daily green algae drink, to which a cannabis tincture is also added.

All told, she takes a long list of vitamins and supplements every day including vitamins C, D, K2, among many others. She also prays and practices meditation.