Is Joshua Jackson Secretly Getting Married? Signs Point to Yes!


Fringe actor Joshua Jackson and rising star Jodie Turner-Smith, who have been dating since late last year, might be making things official soon. They reportedly picked up a marriage license at a Beverly Hills courthouse on Friday!


Joshua Finds Love Again

It’s funny, isn’t it? A couple spends 10 years together without ever getting married or having children. Then, after they break up, everything changes. That’s what happened with Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, who were a red carpet staple for a decade.

They split in 2016 when Diane fell in love with The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. There was a bit of a scandal as it seemed like she might have stepped out on her long-time love, but the exes have never publicly addressed the cheating rumors.

Diane gave birth to her and Norman’s first child in November of last year. Now it seems like Joshua has finally found love again with Jodie Smith-Turner.

Joshua and Jodie

The couple met at Usher’s 40th birthday late last year. One eyewitness told Us Weekly: “They were all over each other. Super smitten and gazing into each other’s eyes as they danced together their whole night.”

Joshua (41) and Jodie (32) have since been spotted holding hands and making out all over Los Angeles. Their most recent outing was to the Beverly Hills courthouse, where they reportedly picked up a marriage license.

In paparazzi photos snapped by The Daily Mail, Jodie can be seen holding a large manila envelope containing–we assume–a marriage license. Such licenses are valid for no more than 90 days, so we should know soon if they really are getting hitched.

The couple seemed happy and relaxed as they left the courthouse, both of them wearing sunglasses and big smiles.

But Who Was That Other Woman?

While we hope that there’s a reasonable explanation, pictures don’t lie. Joshua was photographed passionately kissing another woman on June 13.

In the photo–taken at LAX just 2 days after he was at a party with Jodie in New York–Joshua can clearly be seen embracing a woman in a bright pink blouse. She’s holding a cigarette behind his back while they share a kiss that’s much more than friendly.

In another shot, Joshua can be seen looking toward the camera while the mystery woman wrangles her luggage. Less than 2 weeks later, Joshua was posting sweet nothings on Jodie’s Instagram, writing “Wherever whenever. I’ll go there too.”

You can catch Jodie on the big screen this Thanksgiving in her first starring role in Lena Waithe’s Queen and Slim.