It’s been 15 years since Destiny’s Child released their last studio album Destiny Fulfilled. And though they toured on into 2005 with the album, they soon clearly became Independent Women.


Has their destiny truly been fulfilled though? Or is it time Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams got back together again?

According to News UK company The Sun, it seems the three are now allegedly in talks to make a comeback. And if the mini-reunion at Coachella during Beyoncé’s headlining set last year is any indication, this could be huge.

New Music & A Major Tour

The timing couldn’t be better either. For the band to reform in 2020, it will mark the 20th anniversary of their breakout year. It was then that Michelle joined on, and that the trio became one of the world’s most popular all-female acts.

So, why not have a 20-year reunion of sorts?

Apparently, that’s exactly what Beyoncé wants and she’s been discussing the prospect with Michelle and Kelly. Everyone is reportedly on board, too – at least that’s what we’ve read.

Though this undertaking is still in the early stages, it seems they have some serious goals to meet. Not only has it been claimed they want to record some new music, they also want to go on tour.

Initially Shut-Down Rumors

Of course, these alleged talks between the women must have happened quite recently. Just over a week ago, Kelly told that the women had not yet discussed the prospect of a reunion.

She said they had “just celebrated Michelle’s birthday” and had only “talked about what everybody’s doing in their lives right now.”

Kelly also said that they have all primarily just been supportive of everyone’s individual projects.

Women In Demand

Regardless, since their hiatus, demand for the beloved trio has only grown. And Beyoncé totally added fuel to that fire by including Michelle and Kelly in her 2018 Coachella performance.

It’s been over a year and people are still talking about that show.

Of course, a lot of that talk revolves around Beyoncé and what may or may not be the best weight loss program. (Between giving birth to twins and her groundbreaking performance as the first black woman to headline the festival, she miraculously dropped from 218 pounds to 175.)

Still, Beyoncé isn’t all people are talking about. Many fans have also been clamoring for Destiny’s Child to reunite again ever since seeing them in that performance. After all, the nostalgia ran deep as they powered through some of their biggest hits.

Big Announcements

Also, just days after the interview where Kelly supposedly shut down rumors of a reunion, the group announced the vinyl re-release of The Writing’s on the Wall. The critically acclaimed 1999 album is already available for pre-order and is slated to become available in November.

Perhaps the 20th anniversary re-release is a sign – and maybe the writing is on the wall.