Drama Bomb! Hannah B. Ditches Her Fiance After the ‘Bachelorette’ Finale


If you love messy drama, then this year’s Bachelor and Bachelorette have been amazing. Hannah’s shocking decision to jilt Tyler and get engaged to Jed–only to change her mind later–is right up there with the infamous fence-jumping incident.


Tyler–No, Jed! No Wait, Tyler!

We knew from the start that Hannah’s season was going to be juicy. She was an early standout from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, and fans correctly predicted that she would be the top pick for The Bachelorette.

On Tuesday’s finale, Hannah broke up with Tyler Cameron right before he was about to propose. The couple–who was vacationing in a romantic Greek hotspot at the time–seemed like the best match on the show. Unfortunately, Hannah decided to go with Jed Wyatt instead.

The Other Woman

Jed proposed by playing a song on his guitar. Seriously, beware dudes who carry an acoustic guitar everywhere! We knew–even though Hannah didn’t–that Jed had decided to be on the show in order to promote his music career.

Even worse, it turns out Jed had been dating country singer Haley Stevens right up until he left to film The Bachelorette. Haley claims that she and Jed always planned to get back together when he came home.

“I know the premise of the show,” Haley told Us Magazine. “Even though that’s not an ideal situation for our current relationship, when you’re not in it, it seems like a movie. It seems like it’s just a TV show. You don’t necessarily think about the fact that hearts are going to get involved, there are going to be feelings involved.”

Mad as Hell

Hannah was understandably devastated by the news that her fiance had been operating under false pretenses. Even if their relationship felt real, how could she trust him again?

Ultimately, she decided to break up with him over the phone. “I have sobbed on the floor. I felt like my whole life just caved in, and everything that I thought was true and real wasn’t. I have been mad as hell and just questioning what happened. But I’ve gotten a lot stronger through it,” she told host Chris Harrison on the finale of The Bachelorette.

What’s Next for Hannah?

Hannah isn’t ready to give up on love. She decided to ask Tyler on a date during the live show reunion, despite breaking his heart when she left him in Greece.

Tyler later said that while he’s delighted to reconnect with Hannah, they’re taking things one day at a time. Will Hannah and Tyler find lasting love? Or will the handsome fan favorite end up as the next Bachelor?