Mario Lopez Bashed for Saying Transgender Kid Support is ‘Dangerous’


Apparently, former Saved By The Bell actor Mario Lopez has some thoughts on parenting. Yes, we can hear the collective groans from here.


Lopez recently sat down with conservative commentator Candace Owens for her PragerU series The Candace Owens Show. And though the interview occurred in June, Twitter is just now catching wind of what was said.

Now, Lopez, who’s also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and The X Factor, is getting slammed for being transphobic.

Children and Gender

The father of three didn’t exactly win over any new fans on social media after clips of the interview surfaced.

During his discussion with Owens, the two discussed several topics – one of which happened to involve parenting. Owens said there was a “weird trend” in Hollywood wherein celebrities have begun letting their children identify their own genders.

Lopez said that parents allowing their children to live based on such self-identified genders sets a “dangerous” example.

Thoughts on “Mental Authority”

Owens called out Charlize Theron, specifically, for allowing her 7-year-old to decide her own gender. The actress revealed back in April that, as early as 3-years-old, her child did not identify as a boy.

Citing her experience as a nanny, Owens said she doesn’t believe children always mean the things they say. She added that she’s “trying to understand this new Hollywood mentality,” though she questions the idea of children having the “mental authority” to self-identify when it comes to gender.

Lopez agreed, saying he was “kind of blown away, too.”

Lopez on How to Parent

“Look, I’m never one to tell anyone how to parent their kids,” Lopez said, before offering up his opinions. He even said, “you really can’t go wrong” when “you come from a place of love.”

Of course, there was also a “but…”

Lopez said it’s “dangerous as a parent” to make determinations early on based on a child’s feelings about their identity. He also said it was “alarming” and that the “repercussions later on” were a concern.

“When you’re a kid,” he added, “you don’t know anything about sexuality yet. You’re just a kid.”

Being the Adult

Owens suggested that parents who support their children’s decisions in this regard do so out of narcissism, to display tolerance.

“I think parents need to allow their kids to be kids,” responded Lopez – readying for another “but…”

He added, “at the same time, you gotta be the adult in the situation.”

Lopez on Believing Women

To add insult to injury, it wasn’t enough for Lopez to criticize supportive parents or conflate gender expression with sexuality.

He also blasted the #BelieveWomen movement, a social campaign supporting survivors of sexual assault. This, he called a “dangerous hashtag” – his reasoning being “because people lie and sometimes those people are women.” He also told Owens that taking women at their word is “incredibly dangerous.”

With that, it should come as little surprise that folks on Twitter were swiftly calling the former actor “canceled.”

Perhaps he should reconsider what he considers legitimately “dangerous.” We can think of many things – crocodiles, hurricanes, DIYing your own cheap termite treatment – believing women isn’t one of them. Nor is being supportive of your children’s feelings.