Cameron Boyce Cause of Death Revealed Following Autopsy


Earlier this month, Disney star Cameron Boyce died in his sleep at just 20 years old.

Perplexed, many wondered what could’ve claimed the life of the young actor. At the time, we knew from his family he’d had a seizure, but the root cause had not been revealed. Rather, the family said it was linked to an “ongoing medical condition.”


Several actors Boyce had worked with, including his Grown Ups costar Adam Sandler, wrote heartfelt tributes. Still, no one knew exactly what, exactly, had taken him from this world at such a young age.

Now, an autopsy has revealed the cause of death.

Coroner Confirms Cause

Boyce’s passing was the result of “sudden unexpected death in epilepsy,” according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office.

In a statement provided to People, they said an autopsy was done on July 8. However, “the cause and manner of death were deferred” at the time. “Additional testing” later revealed that Boyce’s death was due to epilepsy. As such, they certified his manner of death as “natural.”

Expounding on this information, the report further explained that Boyce had developed non-traumatic epilepsy approximately three years prior. It had caused him “several major seizures” that, according to TMZ, usually happened months apart.

Other than Keppra, his epilepsy medication, there were no drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substances found in Boyce’s system.

Fans and Costars Show Support

In addition to Sandler’s tribute on social media, many of his other costars also shared that they, too, were heartbroken. They included his Shake It Up costar Zendaya, as well as Salma Hayek, who played his mother in Grown Ups.

Descendants actress Dove Cameron posted an emotional video several days after Boyce’s death. In it, the 23-year-old fought back tears to make it through a note she’d written paying tribute to her costar. She explained why she’d been silent for the prior three days, saying she’d struggled with her emotions over the loss.

She said that therapy had helped her break her silence, but it’s clear she was still grieving tremendously. For many, depression treatment is a necessity following such a loss, and is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Family’s Tributes

The release of the coroner’s report comes just days after Boyce’s family shared several of their own heartfelt tributes online.

His mother, Libby, shared a beloved photo of her late son, captioning it, “My sunshine.” And his father, Victor, posted a sweet photo of him with Boyce as a baby.

Just after Boyce’s death, the family also founded the Cameron Boyce Foundation to honor his legacy.