Bow Wow Learns the Hard Way Not to Pick a Fight with Wendy Williams


Line up, folks, because we’ve got some hot gossip for you. Thanks to the internet, we get to enjoy totally random celebrity feuds like Bow Wow versus Wendy Williams. But what’s the beef about? Read on to find out!


‘You Are So Wrong for That’

During last week’s episode of The Wending Williams, the talk show host started talking about Bow Wow. Specifically the time that the rapper disrespected his ex-girlfriend Ciara during a concert. While performing “Like U,” a song he recorded with his ex, he told the audience, “I had this b*tch first. You know that, right?”

Wendy Williams wasn’t a fan of his word choice: “Here’s the thing. It’s very distasteful, you know what I’m saying? We’ve all had somebody before we had you, man,” Williams said. “But to be shirtless in a club, calling her a b*tch, you are so wrong for that.”

Who Body Shamed Who?

But Wendy wasn’t done yet. She trashed Bow Wow for being shorter than his ex-girlfriend, which was a low blow–no pun intended. In one particular photo, Bow Wow is clearly standing on his tiptoes and is still several inches shorter than Ciara in her high-heeled boots.

For the record, both Ciara and Bow Wow are officially listed as being 5 feet, 7 inches tall. And also, dudes can be shorter than their ladies! This is the 21st century.

Bow Wow lashed out at Wendy on Twitter by posting a picture of her in a bikini with the caption “They say its a hot girl summer.” Although he has since taken down the tweet–which included plenty of disgusting and laughing emojis, in case you couldn’t tell he was being sarcastic–the internet never forgets.

Wendy’s fans and supporters were quick to point out that he shouldn’t body shame women. If nothing else, he ought to set a better example for his daughter, right? One Twitter user wrote, “I’m convinced Bow Wow is doing things just to get dragged on the internet & keep his name in the public.”

She Won’t Back Down

Insiders from Wendy’s camp told TMZ that she isn’t troubled by Bow Wow’s comments. She also insists that he is in the wrong for his original dis against Ciara. But you can argue that Wendy body shamed Bow Wow first for his height.

In any case, Wendy has been through some major challenges lately, and Bow Wow is literally the least of her problems.