Beyoncé Reveals 218lb Weight Gain, Says This 22-Day Diet Saved Her


Beyoncé made headlines in April of 2018 when she headlined Coachella just months after giving birth to her twins Rumi and Sir. The pop queen looked amazing on stage, showing off what appeared to be an unchanged body.

Well, it wasn’t all easy for her. She just released more about her weight loss journey and diet plan after giving birth to the twins. In an ad for ’22 Days Nutrition’ she shared on her YouTube, Beyoncé goes into detail about what it took to get into shape and lose the weight she did.

Beyonce 218lb weight gain feat

At her peak weight with the twins, Beyoncé was at 218lbs. She had been on bed rest for a month leading up to her emergency c-section and was apparently swollen all over. Her pregnancy and birth were both considered high-risk.

The babies had to stay in the NICU for several weeks, which further distracted her from a healthy lifestyle and eating plan.

Every Woman’s Nightmare

The ad opens with footage she took stepping onto the scale the very first day of her new diet and Coachella rehearsals, revealing her weight to be 175lbs. She describes it as ‘every woman’s worst nightmare’, and went on later to say that she didn’t feel like her body belonged to her. Despite projecting a confident aura and empowering women everywhere, Beyoncé is clearly at her lowest point here.

The video goes on to show never-before-seen footage of her Coachella rehearsals, and some video of food preparation and her eating the plant-based diet. Her children are nowhere to be seen, but that’s not surprising – Beyoncé and Jay-Z are notoriously private when it comes to their family, even though we have seen an awful lot of 7-year-old Blue Ivy with the release of Lion King.

Queen Bey describes her comeback as a ‘very big deal’, and you can see her excitement for losing weight in the video, where she face-times Marco Borges to share that she can fit into her Wonder Woman costume.

“Guess who fits in the Wonder Woman costume?!” She excited asked, twirling. “She’s coming back!”

What is 22 Days Nutrition?

The program is a plant-based meal plan that focuses on whole products, vegan eating, and living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle overall. The company sells protein powders, protein bars, and a meal planner that will help set you up for success. It apparently includes a plan tailored to your lifestyle, detailed nutritional info for your meals, and support from “food coaches” to help you make the right decision.

You probably don’t need a degree in nutrition to know that cutting back on meats and eating more vegetables will help you lose weight, though.

The website also says that they have “life-giving recipes” added every day, but we’re not entirely sure what that means.

22 Days Nutrition was founded by Marco Borges, who is Beyoncé’s long-time friend and personal food coach. She credits him with being the reason that she and Jay-Z developed a plant-based lifestyle. He has worked with a lot of other celebrities over the years, including Pharrell Williams, Ryan Seacrest, and Jennifer Lopez.

While the video is uplifting and we are happy for Beyoncé and her weight loss, most new moms have criticized her, saying that of course, she was able to lose the weight… she had personal trainers, chefs, and a food coach available to her at any time.