The Saddest News: This Real-Life ‘Riverdale’ Couple Is Done


Readers, I am shook. Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse were one of my favorite celebrity couples. And now, they are no more.

Cole Sprouse Lili Reinhart

RIP True Love

Multiple sources confirmed the terrible news to Us Weekly. After almost 2 years of perfect coupledom, real-life BugHead is done.

Our first clue was the way the usually inseparable couple avoided each other at a Comic-Con party on Saturday. Although both Lili and Cole posed with their costars throughout the night, the pair never hung out together.

Even worse, it seems like Cole might have gotten KJ Apa and Camila Mendes in the breakup. He left with his costars after the party–without Lili anywhere in sight.

But What About Bughead?

Obviously, things might get tense on the set of Riverdale. Their onscreen alter egos, Betty and Jughead Jones, are a couple, and their chemistry has always been off the charts. Hopefully, the breakup won’t do to Riverdale what the Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder split did to The Vampire Diaries.

If one of the actors decides the leave the show, fans will be devastated. This fan in particular. Yes, Riverdale is a bonkers teen soap that gets more ridiculous every season. But we keep coming back for the gorgeous cast and over-the-top drama. If Cole or Lili left… it just wouldn’t be the same.

Social Media Sleuthing

Lili was able to joke a little bit about their situation after the Riverdale panel in Hall H. She was seated between Cole and KJ, while the costars–who are good friends in real life–were apparently goofing around and talking to each other during the panel. She posted a pic on her Instagram and quipped, “Please don’t put me between these two ever again.”

Lila’s Insta also reveals a video from just 5 days ago of the foursome all together. In the short video clip, Lili, Cole, KJ, and Camila are bouncing on a trampoline in slow motion. They seem to be having fun, but if the rumors are true, then they’re all just friends.

A source told Us Weekly that they overheard Cole telling a friend that he and Lili had broken up. Another source informed E! News that the breakup happened earlier this summer, and that the pair are no longer living together.

Is it true? Unfortunately, we may not find out for sure any time soon. The possibly-ex-couple was always private about their relationship. Cole, in particular, refused to speak about his private life in interviews.