The Thirst Is Strong With Miranda Lambert and Her Hot-Cop Husband


Miranda Lambert is one of our favorite celebrity messes. Her personal life is always full of drama, so let’s check in on Miranda and her new husband, Brendan, shall we?

Miranda Lambert

#HotCop No More

Miranda posted a teaser for her new single–check out the deets below–by sharing a video of Brendan doing laundry without a shirt, including the caption “house husband shirtless promo vol 1,” as well as the hashtag #hotcop.

Brendan McLoughlin isn’t technically a hot cop anymore. He took an “authorized leave of absence” from his job as an NYPD officer. Apparently, that leave includes a vacation in Lake Tahoe.

The pair–who have been married for about 6 months after a whirlwind courtship–spent the weekend hanging out by the lake following her July 18 concert there.

Mark these words: Brendan–a former model who later joined the NYPD–is going to try to launch a modeling or acting career this year and leave the police force for good.

Adding to the Family

Brendan shares an 8-month-old son with Kaihla Rettinger (yes, if you do the math, his ex just had a baby right before he and Miranda got married). Miranda seems happy in her role as a globe-trotting step-mama for now.

“We have the best of both worlds,” Miranda told Extra. “We spend time in New York, we get to see our adorable nugget, then we get to come back to the farm and have the quiet life. I’m enjoying the balance.”

The couple splits their time between New York and Nashville, but the country star revealed that they have a couple of new, snuggly reasons to visit Tennessee. In addition to the dozen-plus rescue dogs at Miranda’s country home, she just adopted a pair of rabbits named Frida and Selena from a shelter.

Miranda loves animals, especially dogs. She and her mother founded the MuttNation Foundation in 2009, which aims to “ensure that as many dogs as possible would have a safe and happy place to call home.”

It All Comes Out in the Wash

Miranda’s new single, “It All Comes Out in the Wash,” is about getting over the foolish mistakes you make. The lyrics include the telling line: “You drunk dialed your ex-husband, don’t remember a thing.”

Do you think that’s about Miranda calling her ex, Blake Shelton? Or could it be about the estranged wife of her former boyfriend, who left his family for Miranda?

If you want to check out the video for “It All Comes Out in the Wash,” you can watch it below!

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that nobody had a salad thrown at them recently. Miranda seems to be happy and relaxed as she prepares for her autumn tour.