The Cast of ‘The Hills’ Is Back–And Spencer Pratt Hates All of Them


Did you watch ‘The Hills’? The MTV reality TV show was addictive, massively popular, and–yeah–just a smidge trashy. And now they’re back and more dramatic than ever.

Spencer Pratt

Spencer Stirs the Pot

The biggest source of drama is, unsurprisingly, Spencer Pratt. The reality star came out and said it: “No spoiler alerts, but I hate all these people”

He went on to clarify that he does still care for Brandon Lee, but that the former friends are no longer speaking to each other. “Brandon’s not allowed to talk to me anymore, per Brody,” Spencer said on the LadyGang podcast.

Who Does Spencer Hate the Most?

It turns out that the cause of their estrangement is Spencer’s falling out with Brody Jenner. They had been friends for decades, but now they’re giving each other the silent treatment. He hinted that there’s more to the story than simply growing apart–and it might have something to do with Lauren Conrad.

“Well I’m LC, I took over for LC,” he told LadyGang. “I’m like, ‘You’re not my friend anymore because of your new relationship, wah wah wah.’ There’s a lot more to the story and the angle that is logical for the television show. … We haven’t been speaking since 2007.”

Lauren isn’t even participating in the reunion show. She’s too busy designing clothing and jewelry for Kohls–as well as raising her growing family–to come back.

In addition to hating Brody and Lauren, Pratt also despises his sister, Stephanie. He also blocked Brandon on Instagram, which is the modern-day equivalent of slapping your rival with a glove. Pratt blamed the ‘Gram for skewing reality:

“It’s because of Instagram. Instagram ruined … people are so used to controlling their narratives and the edit, and it’s like, ‘I’m not protecting any of you. I hate you all.’ Like, literally, ‘I hate you.’”

Pot, Meet Kettle

The thing about Spencer Pratt is that he’s always been one to cause a drama storm and then claim to be above it all. He’s one of reality TV’s greatest villains, and in the years since the OG Hills, he’s kept his name in the tabloids by launching a bizarre crystal business and a string of reality competitions like the UK Celebrity Big Brother.

So when he says things like this, you have to remember that his goal is getting attention:

“These people are lunatics, they think they’re, like, so special and we should be filming them. The diva factor … it’s because people now have Instagram followings, so they think that means something. These real people, if we get more of them, we will have scary ratings.”

The first footage from The Hills: New Beginnings dropped late last month, with new episodes. If you missed it, don’t worry–we’ve got you covered!