Instagram | Guy Fieri

Good ol’ Guy Fieri is ready to hit the front lines of the upcoming Area 51 raids, and he’s bringing the grub.

guy fieri offers to feed area 51 feat
Instagram | Guy Fieri

You don’t have to be a hip millennial to know about the recent Area 51 hype. Anyone with internet service has surely heard about the event by now. An event page popped up on Facebook called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” and it calls for everyone to meet up and storm the military base so they can “see them aliens.”

In case anyone is concerned about the government defending the base, the description says that we’ll be able to move faster than their bullets “if we Naruto run.”

1.5 Million People Are Going to “Storm Area 51”

As of right now, 1.5 million conspiracy theorists, alien lovers, and tinfoil hat aficionados have said they’re attending the event, while another 1 million have expressed interest. Plenty of celebrities are adjusting their tinfoil hats and getting in on the fun, too. I’ve seen a lot of hilarious posts from the likes of Lil Nas X, Keanu Reeves, Miley Cyrus, and even Chuck Norris.

That’s a whole lot of people trying to show up in the Nevada Desert in September, and Guy Fieri knows that all that raiding is going to make them hungry. That’s probably why my dude has offered to feed all of them.

Fieri Working on New Recipes for Area 51 Folks

Fieri took to Twitter to share a photo of himself standing over a grill, saying that he’s working on some new recipes for the folks inside Area 51. In the photo, he’s flipping big racks of ribs, but they’re glowing green! I guess there’s no cause for alarm, though, because Guy Fieri always knows what he’s doing.

According to him, his “Radioactive Ribs” are “lookin’ goooooood.”

To be clear, though, I’m not sure that all 1.5 million alien enthusiasts are going to show up in the desert. You know what they say about Facebook events. If 1.5 million people said they’re going, about 13 people will show up.

But in the event that Fieri shows up with too much food, I don’t think those radioactive ribs will go to waste. I bet the Area 51 aliens will eat them right up!