Is Kylie Jenner Finally Getting Married?

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Kylie Jenner’s life seems to be going well. She’s recently hit #2 on Forbes Highest-Paid Celebrities of 2019, pulling in a cool $170 million, her skincare and makeup line has never been more popular, and her relationship with long-term beau Travis Scott is strong.

If the rumor is to be believed, one other step is in the works for this young influencer – she’ll be hearing wedding bells soon with Travis. Reports from friends indicate they have been talking about marriage a lot recently, and plan to make their love official soon!

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Instagram | Kylie Jenner

Travis was also featured on the Forbes list, by the way. He came in with a measly $58 million, but this still marks an impressive power couple.

Their Relationship Download

Travis and Kylie have been together since April of 2017 when they met at Coachella. Travis, now 28, was performing and met Kyle, now 21, backstage. They had a ‘whirlwind’ romance, and both admit perhaps moved a little fast – their daughter Stormi was conceived just weeks after that initial meeting.

Despite circumstances that would normally break a new couple, these two have thrived. Stormi is now 17 months old and seen toddling around Kylie’s YouTube videos happily, and her family says Kylie has taken to being a mom very well.

Second Baby? Maybe!

The rumor mill has been working overtime on the couple since a birthday party video was shared, where a voice that sounds like Kyle’s is heard saying “I’m pregnant!” in the background. Recent photos of her in a skimpy bikini on a boat mean that probably isn’t true, but reports from people close to the family say that she would love to give Stormi a sibling, and she is ready to take on the responsibility of another child.

Travis has previously discussed his love for Kylie without embarrassment, saying how she is without a doubt “the one” for him and that she deserves the best proposal he could ever give her.

What Would Their Wedding Look Like?

It’s interesting to speculate what their wedding would look like. Neither is lacking for money, and Kylie’s family has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. Kylie herself may be one of the more private members of this famous clan, considering she hit her pregnancy with Stormi until after she gave birth, choosing to focus her attention on her family and newest addition.

Kylie recently shared on Instagram that she struggles with mental health and has saught depression treatment in the past, noting that her very first tattoo was the word ‘Sanity’ to remind her to keep it together. Growing up in the spotlight isn’t always easy.

To put it into perspective, Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries cost a staggering $10 million, and with the addition to her lavish wedding to Kanye West, it’s estimated she spent over $30 million total on her nuptials. The average wedding in the US costs about $30,000.