After Killing Dog, Jenelle Evans’ Husband Gets 2 More

Instagram | Jenelle Eason

Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason have added two new dogs to their household, after previous shocking reports that Eason shot their previous dog.

jenelle eason instagram kills dog gets 2 more feat
Instagram | Jenelle Eason

Couple Have Adopted Two Anatolian Shepherds

The former Teen Mom 2 stars have added Buddy and Junior, two Anatolian Shepherds, who can be seen in a YouTube video posted by Eason on Sunday. According to him, the two dogs follow him and Evans everywhere they go.

Eason explains that they got Buddy and Junior to help protect their chickens and livestock that they keep at their Riegelwood, North Carolina home. Hawks and crows were attacking and killing their chickens. They also previously had a pit bull named Jax, but he wasn’t an ideal choice for protecting the chickens, since he killed chickens and a pig.

Eason says that they finally settled on the Anatolian Shepherds after doing a lot of research, and they’re hoping that these dogs work out better.

Evans and Eason Fired From MTV

The couple may want to start searching for the best part-time jobs in their town, since both have now been fired from MTV. While Eason had already been previously fired by MTV last year over homophobic tweets, Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2 after reports that Eason shot and killed another beloved family pet that used to reside in the home, a French Bulldog named Nugget. The couple also lost custody of their children.

In May, Evans filed a report claiming that her husband shot and killed the French Bulldog after it was aggressive towards their 2-year-old, Ensley. However, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina says that Eason didn’t face animal cruelty charges, after they found no evidence that a dog had been shot and killed on the property.

After police found Evans’ accounts “inconsistent” with her original story, Evans finally admitted to filing the animal cruelty report for publicity.

Evans Claims She Never Made Animal Cruelty Reports

Now, Evans is claiming that she never made any animal cruelty reports against Eason in the first place.

According to an interview with Evans on Friday, she never made a call to report Eason, but rather the police left her a voicemail asking her to call them back about the “dog incident.” She claims that she thinks the police “are doing this for their own publicity” and feels “very attacked and exploited.”

A spokesperson for the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office said that they will not be responding to Evans’ comments.