Dog the Bounty Hunter Rapidly Losing Weight After Wife’s Death


Life hasn’t been the same for Duane Chapman, known as “Dog,” since his wife died of cancer last month.

Beth Chapman passed away at age 51 on June 26th, less than a month ago. She died from Stage 4 lung cancer, after battling the disease for a few years. And although Duane and Beth knew it might happen, and even spoke about it sometimes, he said that there was no way he would ever be prepared to deal with this loss.

dog the bounty hunter losing weight

Dog” Reveals Physical and Emotional Toll From Wife’s Passing

Duane got candid during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealing the physical and emotional toll that his wife’s passing has taken on him. He admits that he is finding it very difficult to get back into his routine without his wife. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star said that he is having trouble resting at night and trouble eating.

Duane says that he’s lost a shocking 17 pounds in two weeks. “I can’t eat. Two bites, I’m full. I got to force feed myself like I force fed her.” Aside from his loss of appetite, weight loss could also be tied to his inability to sleep through the night.

Duane Having a Hard Time Realizing Wife is Really Gone

The reality star revealed that he is having a hard time registering that his wife is truly gone. In a very honest confession, Duane admits to putting a pillow under the covers on his wife’s side of the bed. He continues to wake up in the middle of the night, like he used to when his wife was sick, and sometimes doesn’t realize that she’s not still there.

In a very intimate and saddening moment of honesty, Duane added that he’s ready to join Beth, but explained that he doesn’t have suicidal thoughts, and doesn’t mean in any self-inflicted way.

Moving Forward From His Loss

Moving forward, Duane could find comfort in seeking professional help with depression treatment. He also wants to connect with others in an effort to help them.

He recently met another man who lost his wife, and felt an instant connection, giving him the idea to help. He’s hoping that he can use his experiences to help others who have experienced similar loss.