Netflix Streaming Record Broken by Stranger Things Season 3


Stranger Things Season 3 just came out on July 4 and it’s already broken major streaming records. Of course, Netflix certainly has a way of keeping us hanging onto the edges of our seats.


The latest installment in the Stranger Things series is certainly no exception. With every episode hinging on a cliffhanger, it’s difficult not to binge-watch an entire season the moment it arrives.

This, of course, is the streaming platform’s model – release an entire season in one day, watch the fans go crazy.

Binge Watchers Unite

Internet service providers likely saw a huge spike in traffic to Netflix over the holiday weekend. In just four days, a staggering 40.7 million households tuned in to watch the new season of Stranger Things. And 18.2 million have already consumed all eight episodes.

We’re not sure what’s harder to believe – that more than 18 million people already watched the entire season or that over 20 million haven’t actually finished it yet.

Netflix tweeted about the success of the show, explaining that it’s their best performing release to date. Apparently, it’s garnered more views in its first four days than any other series or film.

Waiting for More

Of course, after every season finale, fans begin clamoring for the next. With Netflix’s release model, this means there’s little time between a season’s debut and the fans crying out for more.

Not even a week has gone by and already people want to know when Season 4 will air. Sadly, there will likely be a long wait.

Still, fans are still quite enmeshed in the current story, which means plenty of speculation, countless theories, and predictions abound.

Did [SPOILER] really die? Who is “the American?” What’s going on with the Demogorgon? And what’s happening to Eleven’s powers?

We have so many questions!

Season 4 Confirmed

The show hasn’t been officially renewed by Netflix, but we all know that’ll happen sooner or later. Producer Shawn Levy has already confirmed there will be a Season 4, because – duh – there has to be.

Some folks seem to think Season 4 should be the final chapter. However, Levy has suggested there may be a fifth season after that as well. (Several cast members have also suggested 5 to be the magic number.)

Since production hasn’t started yet, however, we’ll probably be waiting a year or more before we see the show’s return.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to theorycraft and speculate about the fate of Billy and “the flayed.” We’ll also continue to look for hints in interviews and share memes of the Scoops Troop on Twitter.

Oh, and we’ll probably never get the theme to The NeverEnding Story out of our collective heads.