Avril Lavigne’s New Song about the Devil Angers Christian Fans


Far gone are the days of Avril Lavigne chugging energy drinks and talking about how much she loves her skater boy.

The now 34-year-old singer has seen her fair share of personality and persona changes over the years in her career, though her most recent single from her new CD has a few Christian fans upset. Why?

avril lavigne angers christian fans feat

Because apparently, she is in love with the devil.

Okay, Not… Actually The Devil

Christian fans of Lavigne are outraged about her brand-new song and are taking their grievances online to talk about it. The title is “I’m In Love With The Devil”, and in it, Avril sings that she is in love with a devil, and needs an angel to save her.

The problem with the outrage is that it’s pretty clear to anyone reading the lyrics that the song isn’t actually about falling in love with the devil himself, at least in a fire-and-brimstone, Christian bible kind of way.

Instead, the song appears to be about falling into a toxic relationship with a partner. The lyrics talk about how she doesn’t want to be ‘buried alive’ by him, and his sweet apologies after a bad night together.

It’s Not Just the Song, Though

Avril posted two images back-to-back to her Instagram page, which most think are probably stills from an upcoming music video. The hashtag for both is #IFellinLoveWithTheDevil, and the imagery makes sense.

In the first, she is wearing a long red tulle gown and sitting at a piano playing. It appears she is in the woods somewhere, and the setting is very reminiscent of other things we have seen from her.

The second image, though, is what really upset some fans. Avril is looking off into the distance holding a cross, dressed in a nun’s habit and wearing black gloves. One commenter said she needed to ‘get right’ with Jesus, and it was ‘a shame’ she went this direction.

Head Above Water

The single is from her sixth studio album, Head Above Water, that was released in February of this year. The gap between her 5th and 6th album is over six years, so Head Above Water was a long time coming for fans.

The title track contains lines like “God, keep my head above water” and “Don’t let me drown”, which has made her devil-inspired release even more confusing for some Christian fans who apparently hadn’t listened to the whole CD.

Head Above Water is about her struggle with Lyme disease and features famous producers such as her ex and fellow Canadian Chad Kroeger and Lauren Christy from The Matrix. Avril announced last month that she will begin touring for the first time in five years to promote the album.