Who’s on Whose Side? Celebrities Get Involved in the Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun Drama


Lots of celebrities are picking sides. Everyone seems to either be on Team Taylor or backing Scooter Braun.

So, what’s the deal? And who’s supporting who? First, a little background…

The Buyout of Big Machine

Scooter Braun recently acquired Taylor Swift’s music catalog by buying out her old record label. This “grossed out” Swift, who accused Scooter of “manipulative bullying.”

She said his purchase of her music was her “worst case scenario.” Plus, she also claimed she’d never even been given a chance to bid on the rights to her own music either.

But is it such a big deal? And is Braun really a bully?

Numerous celebrities have voiced support for one party or the other – and we’ve got a full breakdown.

Team Scooter

Those standing behind Braun mostly seem to be those with whom he’s been conducting business. And his wife. He’s seen support from Big Machine founder Scott Borchetta and also board member Erik Logan. (While it’s since been deleted, Logan apparently even wrote a scathing public letter to Swift, calling her a liar among other things.)

Clients of Braun like Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber also appear to be on his side.

Team Taylor

It looks like Swift, on the other hand, has slightly more backing in this fight. Not only is her squad behind her, many who’ve had negative recording industry experiences also agreed with her stance.

Collaborators like Todrick Hall and Joseph Kahn stand firmly by her side. And several fellow singer/songwriters like Halsey and Sky Ferreira have made lengthy social media posts about the subject.

However, contrary to what some may think, Ariana Grande has not taken aside. It turns out that her social media post supporting Taylor was actually a fake.

Selena Gomez also hasn’t spoken publicly about it, but her mother appears to be backing Taylor.