James Franco Subpoenaed by Johnny Depp’s Attorney Over Abuse Allegations


It seems James Franco is now apparently involved in the legal proceedings between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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Depp’s lawyers have reportedly sent a subpoena to Franco, according to The Blast, because of some security camera footage. The surveillance video dates back to the day after Heard and Depp’s alleged fight in May of 2016. And it allegedly shows Franco and Heard in an elevator together.

No, there’s nothing salacious about that. Rather, the interest in Franco has to do with him being a witness.

Amber Heard’s Bruises

Adam Waldman, Depp’s attorney, said that his team is interested in getting both Elon Musk and Franco as “fact witnesses.” The reason? There’s evidence that both men saw Heard’s face following the fight she claims occurred on Saturday, May 21, 2016.

Waldman accused Heard of having “painted on ‘bruises’” when she sought a temporary restraining order against Depp the following Friday.

At the time, the model and actress said Depp had chucked a mobile phone at her face. Depp’s lawyers must want Musk and Franco to testify as to the condition of Heard’s face subsequent to the incident.

Were the bruises real? Or were they simply makeup applied over foundation for dry skin and the best retinol creams money can buy?

Sharing an Elevator

The surveillance footage simply shows Franco sharing an elevator with Heard which, according to her lawyers, means nothing.

After news of the subpoena surfaced, Fox News reached out to Heard’s attorney Eric George, who called it a “bogus story.” George also considered it to be “another lame attempt” from Depp and his lawyers to “spread deliberately misleading information.”

Using “the tabloid media,” he said, Depp continues “to attack and abuse his ex-wife.”

George also went on to say that Franco and Heard just happened to reside in the same apartment building. That said, he claimed they “were simply taking an elevator at the same time. Period.”

Defamation Lawsuit

The civil subpoena comes as Depp is suing Heard for defamation following her Washington Post op-ed on domestic abuse. Though she never mentioned Depp’s name in the piece, his complaint alleges she was clearly referring to him.

Depp and Heard met in 2011 on the set of The Rum Diary and married in 2015. Just over a year later, Heard filed for divorce, claiming she suffered physical and verbal abuse from the actor. Depp has, however, continuously denied all of the allegations made against him.

The couple finalized their divorce in 2017 with a $7 million settlement awarded to Heard, who donated it to charity.