Justin Bieber Attacks Taylor Swift Over Social Media Comment

Instagram | Justin Bieber

Earlier this week Taylor Swift shared how “grossed out and sad” she was when Scooter Braun’s company Ithaca Holdings Inc purchased her previous record label and with it her entire music library.

Justin Bieber, who is currently managed by Braun, decided that he needed to be involved and shared a scathing Instagram post attacking the pop singer.

justin bieber attacks taylor swift feat instagram
Instagram | Justin Bieber

Scooter Braun manages some of the biggest names in music right now, including Justin, Kanye West, and Ariana Grande.

Why is Taylor Upset, Anyway?

This pop beauty who never appears to need dry skin moisturizer or extensive hair treatments took to Tumblr this week after news of the sale of Big Machine Records hit the media Sunday morning.

Taylor says that Scooter Braun has been bullying her for years, and kicked her when she was at her lowest. In the long post she shared on her social media pages, she included numerous incidents of Braun himself giving her a hard time or the stars he manages.

The idea that her music is in the hands of her ‘biggest bully’ is “worse than her worst nightmare”, according to her. Taylor says that while she tried to purchase the rights to her music, Big Machine Records made it essentially impossible.

Kanye West’s music video for Famous is included in her rant, which she called ‘revenge porn’ against her image, and the time Kim Kardashian ‘illegally’ recorded her and shared the clip with the world.

Why is Justin Bieber Involved?

The biggest point she makes is an Instagram post that Justin Bieber shared several years ago, which is a screenshot of a Facetime between him and others, Braun and Kanye West included. The caption for his post is ‘Taylor swift what up’, calling out the issues between the group clearly.

Taylor circled Braun’s smiling face in red, calling out the music manager.

What Did Bieber Say?

Bieber went on Instagram, and at first glance, it appears he is apologizing to Swift. The message is posted with a picture of the two taken years prior, and he starts by saying that his sharing of that screenshot was distasteful and insensitive. But don’t get too excited, it goes downhill for Taylor fast.

Justin says that Scooter told him not to post the photo and that Braun “has had your back” for years. He suggests that Taylor is only looking for sympathy and attention by her post and that it will accomplish nothing. He goes on to end it with the fact he and Braun have nothing negative to say about her, and that he’s “sure” that Braun would like to sit down with her and talk it out.

He ends it with the statement that Taylor crossed the line by trying to deface the character of someone he loves.

Celebrities Rallying Behind Taylor, Not Justin

This might not end the way Justin wants it to. Cara Delevingne commented on the post, saying that Justin was right in that he wasn’t close to Taylor – and he had no idea what was actually going on, so he should stay out of it. She went on to suggest that instead of “tearing down” women he should be “lifting them up” now that he was a husband.

Brandon Urie, who collaborated with Taylor on the song “Me!”, said on Twitch Monday that he stands with Taylor, calling out Braun by name and suggesting that Big Machine Records CEO Scott Borchetta did her wrong.

Iggy Azalea, Halsey, Alessia Cara, model Martha Hunt, and even Selena Gomez’s mother have all posted on social media in the past two days showing their support for Taylor.

Justin has not commented further on the situation but it isn’t his style to lay low for long, especially with such backlash against his move.

Taylor recently signed with a subsidiary of Universal Music, and her latest album Lover will be out August 23rd. With her new record deal, Taylor will own all of her own music going forward.