Taylor Swift Disgusted, Past Bully Now Owns Her Old Music


Taylor Swift took to Tumblr this week to talk about her disgust at the fact music manager to major stars and her past bully Scooter Braun recently purchased her previous record label, and with it the entire collection of her past music.

Braun is known for managing huge stars like Justin Beiber, Ariana Grande, and Kanye West. But Swift says she has been suffering at his hands for years, and only found out his company would be purchasing her old label when it hit the news.

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Big Machine Records

Taylor first signed with Big Machine Records when she was only 15. She had long wanted as an adult to own her music but felt the deal that Big Machine Records offered her to do so was unfair to her. She claims at only 15 she felt there were no other options to her, and she was locked into the contract.

Only recently has Taylor moved over to Universal Music Group, who offered her ownership and more control over her own music. When she left Big Machine Records, she knew she was leaving her past behind.

Ithica Holdings

Braun is part of Ithaca Holdings, who announced on Sunday their agreement to acquire Big Machine Records to a tune of $300 million. With the purchase, Ithaca Holdings gets ownership of all of Taylor’s previous music and masters.

Taylor’s music isn’t the only one getting moved to Ithaca Holdings, though. Big Machine Records also owns the music of Sheryl Crow’s music, Florida Georgia Line, Rascal Flatts, Thomas Rhett and more.

Talks for the transaction had been happening for a while, according to Braun, who has stated there was little chance that Taylor didn’t know the purchase was happening.

Many don’t realize this but Taylor’s father is a shareholder in Big Machine Records, which is part of the reason she got her first record deal so young. Braun thinks at the very least, her father would have given her a heads up. He also claims to have texted her the day before the news was released.

Taylor Strikes Back

A representative for Taylor has already rebutted these claims, saying that her father Scott was not part of the discussions for sale due to a strict NDA. If Scott didn’t know, he certainly couldn’t tell his daughter.

Braun readily admits that he did not send the text message to Taylor until after 9 pm on Saturday night, just hours before the media got ahold of the story. The message went unread until well after the story broke, taking her by surprise. The owner of Big Machine Records never even gave her a heads up, although Taylor thinks that is because he knew of her distaste for Braun.

Worse Than Her “Worst Nightmare”

In a long Tumblr post, Taylor says that never in her “worst nightmare” did she imagine Braun owning her music. She cites the bullying that he and those who worked for him subjected her to in the past several years, and says she feels targeted by him.

One note she makes is that Braun was managing Kanye West when he released the music video for “famous”, where she is “stripped naked” in the video “revenge porn”-style.

She also brings up the “illegally” recorded conversation that Kim Kardashian taped and released, as well as Justin Bieber sharing a screenshot of a Facetime with Braun in 2016, with the caption “Taylor swift what up”.

Backlash Against… Taylor?

Taylor is not one to shy away from feuds or controversy. When some stars would eat probiotic foods and drink more water to avoid getting upset, she regularly jumps into the deep end. Sometimes, it gets her in trouble.

Since the news broke, Justin Bieber has gone on Instagram to apologize to Taylor for the ‘insensitive’ Instagram post but said that Braun has ‘always’ had her back and calling out the music manager wasn’t in good taste. Justin claimed Taylor is attempting to get sympathy and use her fame to bully Braun.

Braun’s wife also released a statement but was less delicate than justice. Yael Cohen says that Taylor is a bully and liar, and suggests that Taylor is blurring the lines of reality to suit her needs.

Taylor’s new album lover, published under Republican Records which is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, is expected to be released in August. We can only guess what juicy songs will be on there from this situation.