Jussie Smollett Hoax: New Footage Released by Police of Smollett with Rope Around His Neck

YouTube | Variety

Remember the Jussie Smollett case earlier in the year, where it turns out he probably was just pulling our leg? It appears that it isn’t over just yet.

Only weeks after Chicago police released the 911 call from Smollett’s alleged attack in January, they have dropped more information on us. This time, they have released nearly 70 hours of video relating to the incident.

In one video clip, Smollett is seen in his apartment in downtown Chicago, wearing a white sweater with a rope around his neck that appears to be a noose, and looks suspiciously similar to the one that was used in his alleged attack.

What Else Was Released?

The data overload includes body cam footage from officers who first responded, as well as traffic cams and security footage of the surrounding area. It is unclear as to why Chicago police have chosen to release so much now, nearly six months after the incident first happened.

Chicago Police have also released other information on the case, including his internet search records. If they are to believed, he searched Google over 50 times in the days following the incident, watching closely to changes in the news and seeing how his attack was being reported. We now know that he was probably seeing if anyone had caught onto his scam.

What Happened With Smollett?

On January 29th of this year, Jussie Smollett called police claiming he had been jumped by two men, verbally assaulted by them, and had chemicals poured over him. Police initially charged Smollett with 16 felony counts after coming to the conclusion that he knew his attackers, and was involved in the incident.

Reportedly, the two men were acquaintances of Smollett and he had paid them to go through with it. The backlash for Smollett was intense. While some celebrities supported him through the fallout, he stopped having to submit an employee timesheet and he had a lot more free time for personal projects because Empire dropped him almost immediately.

Smollett could have had a very promising career, but instead, it appears that he tried to take advantage of the questionable political and social landscape for his own gain. Charges were eventually dropped and an investigation into the way the case was handled was launched.

Police still appear to believe it was a ploy to gain sympathy and fame for the up and coming actor, despite the lack of official charges.