Wait, Duchess Meghan’s Jewels Are Worth HOW Much?!


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has a major jewelry collection. It’s much more valuable than we expected–and it’s much bigger than Kate’s, too! Read on for all the juicy details.

Duchess Meghan

Meghan’s New Eternity Band

We first started thinking about Duchess Meghan’s jewelry collection when she debuted her redesigned engagement ring at the Trooping the Colour event–the annual celebration for the Queen’s birthday.

The Duchess debuted a beautiful diamond eternity band, which was an anniversary gift from Prince Harry. Alongside that new bit of bling, we noticed that her engagement ring had gotten an upgrade.

The massive 3-stone sparkler now features even more diamonds! The plain yellow gold band has been replaced with a thinner band of pave diamonds. Combined with the new eternity band and her simple wedding ring, it’s an impressive stack of high-end yet delicate jewelry.

A Peek at the Duchesses’ Jewelry Boxes

The Daily Mail, a UK tabloid, did some digging and declared that Meghan has amassed a collection of almost 100 pieces of jewelry. They put the total value at over $750,000!

To be fair, Meghan brought some pieces with her to the marriage. She made quite a bit of money during her run on Suits and could afford to purchase fine jewelry and couture fashion. However, now that she’s a member of the royal family, people are paying a lot more attention to what she wears–and how much it costs.

We know that Harry gave her Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring, which Meghan wore on their wedding day and which is valued at about $95,000. He also gave her Cartier earrings worth $76,000. A jewelry expert valued her new eternity band at $5000 minimum–a mere trinket compared to the rest of her big-ticket heirloom pieces!

According to the Mail, Meghan owns 91 pieces of jewelry–more than Duchess Kate and Princess Di! Her collection includes 7 necklaces, 23 bracelets, 26 rings, and 35 pairs of earrings. That collection includes Diana’s butterfly earrings and a gold bangle bracelet.

In contrast, Kate only owns about 60 pieces of jewelry. However, that number includes Diana’s iconic sapphire engagement ring, which is worth almost $400,000! Prince William also gave Kate the “Saudi Suite” of sapphires that Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia gave Diana as a wedding gift.

Does Meghan Have Too Much Bling?

The Daily Mail wanted to twist the story to pit “Thrifty Kate” and “The Duchess of Bling” against each other, but it seems to this gossip blogger that Meghan simply wears more jewelry and favors smaller pieces such as stacking rings and stud earrings for everyday wear.

Do you think Meghan spends too much on jewelry? Should she cut back on her collection or keep wearing as much jewelry as she pleases?