Roseanne Barr, Andrew Dice Clay to Start ‘Mr & Mrs America’ US Comedy Tour


Though her eponymous television series was canceled, Rosanne Barr isn’t giving up on her brand of humor.

Roseanne Barr Comedy Tour

Now, she and Andrew Dice Clay are about to embark on a nationwide comedy tour.

It doesn’t take a business degree to realize that Barr’s outspokenness about her political views has hurt her career. And though Clay once sold out Madison Square Garden for two nights in a row, that was in the 1990s. However, the two are now hitting the road together – for America.

Though both seem to be doing alright, this could definitely help them retain their relevancy.

Mr. and Mrs. America

According to Fox News, the tour’s inspiration comes mainly from the country’s “obsession with political discourse.” Hence, Barr and Clay have decided to call it the Mr. and Mrs. America tour.

With the two comedians having known each other for almost three decades, it certainly makes sense that they’d team up. They’ve also performed together in the past, and both have strong opinions about censorship.

“We gotta stop policing comedians,” Clay told Fox. “This is America!”

It’s clear the material that these two produce isn’t meant to be politically correct in any way, shape, or form. And it never has been. Though while TV may reject this sort of content, the duo believes there’s still a market for it.

Whether or not it will pull large audiences, however, remains to be seen.

Policing of Comedic Language

Both Barr and Clay have suffered backlash thanks to their controversial comedic material.

Barr, as you may know, was fired from ABC after posting a callous tweet regarding Valerie Jarrett. At the time, Barr compared the Obama advisor to “Planet of the Apes,” and later blamed it on Ambien. Though she apologized, the damage was done and her show was canceled.

Clay is also no stranger to seemingly severe repercussions borne of his raunchy routines. In 1989, he received a lifetime ban from MTV after performing a three-minute set at that year’s Video Music Awards. His questionable routine included adult themes woven into famous nursery rhymes. (The ban was later lifted in 2011.)

Of course, Clay is still known for his offensive and often sexist humor, which doesn’t sit well with all audiences.

As far as that’s concerned, however, he says “America really needs to lighten up.”