‘Queer Eye’ Season 4 Is Less Than a Month Away!


All things really do keep getting better! Netflix confirmed a 4th AND 5th season of Queer Eye–and it’s happening much sooner than you think.

Queer Eye Season 4

This is not a drill, my fabulous friends. Even though we just enjoyed the gift of season 3 in March of this year, more Queer Eye is on the way. The Fab Five have already filmed the next installment of their hit Netflix show. We have all the deets, so brace yourselves for more happy tears and incredible makeovers.

Back to Kansas City

Last Tuesday, the official announcement popped up on the Queer Eye Instagram: “Have you missed us? (We missed you too. đź’•) We’re back in Kansas City for Season 4, July 19.”

Their triumphant 3rd season was also set in Kansas City, where they helped a pair of sisters who run a legendary barbecue place finally achieve their dream of bottling their signature sauce. The Fab 5 also worked with a young woman whose family had disowned her as a teenager after she came out as a lesbian.

It makes sense that the crew would film back-to-back seasons in one location. They have to set up the loft home base for the cast and build relationships with local businesses. Plus, another season set in KC means more appearances from the adorable French Bulldog, Bruley, that became the Fab 5’s adopted mascot last season!

It’s good to know that Queer Eye found 8 more heart-warming stories of transformation in Kansas City–but if you were hoping that they’d move out of the South, we have good news!

Headed to Philly!

Season 5, which begins filming TODAY, will see the gang moving cross-country to Philadelphia. Although we don’t know exactly when we’ll get to see those episodes, you can expect them sometime in the first quarter of 2020 based on Netflix’s previous release schedule.

The location was leaked early when a Philadelphia clothing store called The Shazza Shop posted fliers asking for nominees at their store and on Instagram. The fliers were quickly taken down, but the internet never forgets!

If you watch the announcement video on Queer Eye‘s Insta, you’ll notice a cameo appearance by the one and only Gritty. Do you think they’ll give the nightmare-inducing Philadelphia Flyers mascot a makeover?

Get Your ‘Queer Eye’ Fix Early

In the meantime, if you’re starved for a Queer Eye fix but don’t want to watch reruns, check out fashion expert Tan France’s new show, Dressing Funny. It’s the first-ever web series produced by Netflix, and it’s freakin’ adorable. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself!