Michael Jackson’s Secret Girlfriend Says She Could Have Saved Him, Madonna’s Big Win & Other Top Celeb News


If you haven’t paid attention to the news recently, that’s okay. Continue on so you don’t miss a thing!

Our top stories today include Michael Jackson’s secret girlfriend’s claim that she could have saved him, Madonna’s big Billboard 200 win and the long-awaited third movie in the 28 Days series officially being announced.

If you haven’t paid attention to the news recently, that’s okay. These are our top stories in celebrity news, gossip, and trending accounts, which include Michael Jackson’s secret girlfriend who is coming forward for the anniversary of his death to say she knew about his drug addictions but did nothing, Madonna hitting her 9th #1 on the Billboard Top album list just after her 60th birthday, and the long awaited third movie in the 28 Days series officially being announced. Continue on so you don’t miss a thing!

This Woman Claims She’s Michael Jackson’s Secret Girlfriend… And Could Have Saved Him

The 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death is fast approaching, and with it, a woman has come forward saying that she was Michael Jackson’s secret girlfriend… and that she feels she could have saved him, if only she had acted sooner.

Shana Mangatal first met Jackson when she was 17, but really fell in love with him while working as a receptionist in her 20’s for his management company. According to her they flirted extensively and shared a passionate kiss, but he ended up marrying Lisa Marie Presley.

The two reconnected after the divorce in 1996, and even after their romance fell apart, they stayed good friends. She says that no man could ever compare to Michael in her heart.

Why Shana Blames Herself

She planned to see him on Friday at a rehearsal and speak to him about his drug use. According to her, many people in his life had recently reached out to her begging for her help. She even went to the mall to buy a new outfit and even drafted a letter to him. He died Thursday, the day before she planned to speak to him.

Shana has struggled in the past ten years with feeling blame for his death. She believes that if only she could have spoken to him sooner – if she had made the decision to approach him sooner – it is possible she could have saved him.

If You Thought She Was Done: Madonna Hits #1 Album on Billboard 200

madame x madonna billboard 200 feat
YouTube | Madonna

Madonna turned 60 this year, but if you thought her ability to qualify for AARP (What IS the AARP, anyway? Do they do anything for you?!) made her unable to make good music, think again. Madame X is Madonna’s fourteen studio album and her 9th #1 studio album on Billboard charts. No surprise, her first album to grace the charts was Like a Virgin in 1985.

Madame X had about 90,000 album sales, but some are saying that the numbers wouldn’t have been so high if she had not offered a ticket/album redemption with her upcoming theater tour. The album is also bundled with many of her merchandise on her website, so these numbers could very well be inflated.

28 Days Later Slotted To Get Third Installment

If you are over zombie movies, think again. 28 Days Later, the zombie hit from 2002 that breathed new life into a stale genre, has a third movie in the works. This third movie is set to have the same screenwriter who wrote the first film, Alex Garland, and will have Danny Boyle returning to direct it.

In 2015 when Garland was asked if there was another movie in the works, he said if a third were to happen it would take place “a couple years” after the second. They both are positive about the potential for this third installment and say there are great ideas floating around.

The third film is only in talks right now, there isn’t even casting involved yet, so it will be a while before we settle into the theaters to see these zombies come to life.