Stranger Things 3: Final Trailer Released, Hints at Secret Villain


With Stranger Things returning to Netflix in less than two weeks, fans have been absolutely rabid for tidbits of information regarding the new season.

stranger things 3 final trailer released feat

A couple of teasers had been released already, but now the streaming platform has at last released a final trailer. As one might expect, theories about what it may reveal are rampant.

Set in 1985, Season 3 of the show brings back your favorite Hawkins, IN natives. Of course, they’re all a bit older now. And it also brings back The Mind Flayer and several other dark entities from the Upside Down.

It doesn’t take a psychic reader to realize closing that one portal just didn’t quite cut it.

Popular Fan Theory

Previous trailers showed Dacre Montgomery’s character, Billy Hargrove, with a strange growth on his arm. And ever since then, people have been wondering about just what sort of infection he may have.

Several clips – and the new trailer – appears to seriously imply that he’ll become the upcoming season’s big baddie.

As a vessel for the Mind Flayer, Billy seems a lot scarier than your average bully.

Ominous Threats

Previous glimpses at the new season had been colorful and even cheery, albeit with an undertone reflective of the nature of the show. The latest, however, is much darker and portentous.

It’s not entirely clear whose voice is being used, but the Mind Flayer delivers quite a message in the trailer.

“We’re going to end you,” the vile, tentacled entity threatens. “We’re going to end your friends. We’re going to end… everyone.”

Obviously, Eleven and her friends will definitely be squaring off against the denizens of the Upside Down again this season.

Mystery Remains

While the latest release from Netflix does seem to confirm the theories about Billy, it doesn’t reveal much else. We’ve bee given a lot of clues, but many of the questions sparked by previous teasers remain unanswered.

For instance, we still have no idea what will happen “when yellow and blue meet in the west.”
All we really know is evil is back, and our favorite cast of characters will again be tasked with eliminating the threat.

See the Trailer: