Cardi B Indicted By Queens Grand Jury Over Fight at Strip Club


Instead of sipping sparkle water and enjoying her riches, Cardi B has found herself in hot water this week after being indicted by a Queens grand jury over the famous strip club fight that went down last year.

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Cardi B was charged in 2018 with assault and reckless endangerment and was offered a plea deal from the District Attorney’s office but she rejected it. Now, a Grand Jury wants to hear just what went down that night.

What Do We Know About The Fight?

It went down at a Queens strip club in August, but tensions surrounding those involved with the attack had been increasing steadily for months before.

Cardi B had a major issue with sisters that bartended at the club in question, Jade and Baddie Gi. According to Jade, Cardi had been threatening her for months through Instagram, and the two even met at a hotel in Atlanta where Cardi accused Jade of sleeping with her husband, Offset.

Cardi has been married to Offset since 2017, and they have one child together, Kulture Kiari. Jade maintains that she never slept with Offset.

Jade says that on August 15th five of Cardi’s entourage came into the club to rough her and her sister up, but that the rapper was not present. Then, on the 29th, Cardi and her husband, along with their entourage, showed up at the club after Offset performed at Madison Square Gardens.

Baddie Gi was asked by her managers to not dance while the famous couple was there but proceeded to go on stage anyway, and received what she felt was a ‘coordinated’ attack, having chairs and bottles thrown on stage. Baddie Gi required medical attention when she left the stage.

Both sisters maintain that Cardi B never actually touched them, but incited the violence against them. Cardi reportedly stood up and yelled that she was “blood” (Referencing her admitted affiliation with the Bloods gang) and that the girls would pay.

What Happens with Cardi Now?

The new charges against Cardi B are significant and hold a great deal more weight than what she was previously facing. 14 new charges are leveled against her and include criminal solicitation, harassment, assault, and reckless endangerment.

She will also face two counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. Cardi B has not released a statement about these new charges at this time.