Officials Want to Remove Trump’s Hollywood Star in Favor of Carrie Fisher


Officials voted unanimously to request the removal of Donald Trump’s Hollywood star in a purely symbolic gesture (as the city has no real control over it), and Mark Hamill has a great idea of whose name should replace it.

trump star carrie fisher feat

In a tweet on Wednesday morning, Hamill started a new hashtag: #AStarForCarrie. In the tweet, he says “Good riddance” to Trump’s star on the walk of fame, and thinks that Carrie Fisher’s name would be an ideal replacement.

Twitter jumped on it immediately, loving the idea of replacing the President’s star with a star for Fisher.

Carrie Fisher’s Tragic Death

Best known for her role as Princess Leia in Star Trek, Carrie Fisher had a long and relatively successful career in Hollywood playing a number of roles.

She was open later in life about her bipolar disorder diagnoses, as well as her struggles with an addiction to both prescription medication and cocaine. She said she abused pain medication in order to manager her manic symptoms of bipolar, and that only with the drugs did she feel ‘normal’.

Fisher died December 27th, 2016 at the age of just 60, and her autopsy report officially states that the cause of death could be ‘undetermined’, but sleep apnea and other factors were probably involved. The report also continues that multiple drugs were found in her system, but most likely did not contribute directly to her death.

Fisher’s mother Debbie Reynolds died just one day after her daughter due to what her son described as a “severe stroke”. Some say it was heartbreak.

Fisher was in the process of filming a new Star Wars movie when she died, and unreleased footage from previous movies, clever sound work, and Hollywood CGI all worked together to finish her final role.

Why Trump’s Star Should Be Removed In The First Place

It seems rude to remove something Trump himself paid for, as a Hollywood star costs about $30k. But since Donald Trump has been elected president in 2016, the star has seen significant damage. Once it was destroyed by a sledgehammer, and again it has been ‘caged’ to signify his administration’s stance on immigration.

Twitter is full of ideas for others to do the same, including adding cat litter and chocolate bars for the ‘BS’ he has released recently and clever uses of walls or religious artifacts to get a point across.

Ultimately the decision to remove the star is not up to the city itself, but the Walk of Fame Committee. Unfortunately for Star Wars fans, officials from the committee have stated in the past that once a star is placed it will not be removed, considering it a historic piece of Hollywood history.