Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage ‘Twins’ Remake – Would You Watch It?

From comebacks to remakes and sequels, just about everyone in Hollywood is embracing an ‘80s revival.

Recently, we learned that there’s a new Ghostbusters film in the works that reunites the original team. Now, if Jason Momoa gets his wish, that might not be the only Ivan Reitman-directed film to be revived.

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During a panel discussion at a comic convention in San Antonio, TX, Momoa revealed his love for another ‘80s movie. Yes, we’re talking about the 1988 buddy comedy Twins, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.

Momoa, it seems, would love to remake the film with his Game of Thrones co-star Peter Dinklage.

Hey, we’d watch it.

The Original Twins

In case you’ve forgotten, in the original, DeVito and Schwarzenegger play as fraternal twins that resulted from a top-secret experiment. A genetics lab had been trying to create the perfect child using the DNA of multiple fathers. When the embryo split, twins were born.

However, their mother was told she’d only had one child and that it died at birth. They then placed Vincent (DeVito) in an orphanage, and Julius (Schwarzenegger) was raised by one of the scientists.

Separated at birth, the two didn’t learn the truth until 35 years later. By that time, Vincent has become a dodgy street hustler, while Julius is a humble, naïve, and intelligent man. Of course, Julius also possesses incredible strength, and when he loses Vincent he’s also able to rely on “twin telepathy.” (Who needs modern day GPS tracking when you’re a genetically engineered twin, right? Boy howdy, did the ‘80s love their pseudoscience.)

With the two reunited, as one might expect, things get pretty crazy and all sorts of hilarious antics ensue.

Down for a Remake

Apparently, the film is one of Momoa’s favorites. So, when a fan asked if he’d be interested in remaking it, he was absolutely thrilled with the suggestion.

“F*ckin’ tell me where to sign!” the Aquaman star exclaimed. “Absolutely. That’d be amazing.”

The panel’s moderator suggested looking to Twitter for momentum. And with Ivan Reitman’s son Jason already working on the sequel to another of his dad’s films, maybe he could sign on for this one, too.

Though Momoa didn’t share any actual scenes with Dinklage in GoT, he did say the Tyrion Lannister actor is “amazing.”

With the idea of a Twins reboot out in the open, we could totally see this bringing them together onscreen.