Taylor Swift’s New Pro-LGBTQ Video is Chock Full of Famous Faces

Taylor Swift released a new music video on Monday for her LGBTQ anthem You Need to Calm Down.

The track itself is a supremely pro-equality pop song, calling out homophobic protesters. And it’s been mostly well received by critics. For some, it’s another infectious T Swift bop with a refreshingly explicit pro-LGBT message.

A few others found it to be well-intentioned but alleged that it seemed a bit trite. Esquire’s Justin Kirland flat out claimed that it “misses the point of being an LGBTQ ally.”

Regardless, Swift has seen quite a lot of support for the track.

LGBTQ-Friendly Casting

As Swift is wont to do, she included many of her famous friends in the filming of the video. So, of course, it features countless cameos. In the case of YNTCD, many of those who appear in the video are also prominent members of the LGBTQ community.

So, we can’t help but believe she not only has good intentions, but also plenty of legitimate backing. Plus, we should also consider the letter she recently wrote to her senator and the petition she started.

Until recently, Swift famously remained mum when it came to politics. Now, it’s clear that she has found a cause she truly believes in.

The video includes a call to action as well, urging her fans to sign her petition supporting the Equality Act.