Cardi B’s VERY Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction – Oops!

FilmMagic for Bonnaroo Arts

After needing to take a short hiatus from touring, Cardi B returned to the stage this past weekend. On Sunday, however, her show got a bit revealing when she suffered from a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

It seems her twerking was a little too much for her mesh jumpsuit to handle.

cardi b wardrobe malfuntion
FilmMagic for Bonnaroo Arts

Cardi B’s Return

The 26-year-old rapper recently canceled several shows amid health concerns stemmed from complications associated with liposuction and breast augmentation procedures.

Unhappy about having to take time off, she also swore off plastic surgery in the future.

Cardi, as we know, isn’t shy about real issues many women face when it comes to their bodies. After pulling out of England’s Parklife festival, she even posted photos of her swollen feet on social media.

Of course, that was intentional. Showing everyone at Bonnaroo a glimpse of her backside clearly was not.

Twerkin’ Too Hard

On Sunday, Cardi took the stage at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. As expected, she was pretty much back in true form. Although, maybe she had one too many energy drinks since it seems she might have been twerking a little too hard.

Luckily, it wasn’t any sort of health issue that impacted the performance, but rather a costume fault.

While dancing to the music, a hole ripped open right in the seat of her colorful, sequin jumpsuit. As the seam tore, concertgoers got quite a view.

Cardi B Wardrobe Malfunction
FilmMagic for Bonnaroo Arts

A former stripper, Cardi has never been shy about showing off her derriere. However, this particular incident was definitely accidental.

The Show Must Go On

The mishap went unnoticed for a while. The Bronx, NY native continued to keep pumping out her hits as if she was oblivious to the ripped seam.

However, a couple of folks eventually appeared on the side of the stage to let her know what had happened.

The Bodak Yellow singer then exited the stage for a quick change of costume. Unfortunately, it seems there wasn’t much in the way of a backup wardrobe though. Cardi finished out her show simply wearing a bathrobe over her undergarments.

If that sounds a bit modest for Cardi, don’t worry, she still found plenty of opportunities to show off her curves. Often pulling her robe to the side to reveal more skin, there was no shortage of cleavage or leg. The costume change also meant that she got to show off her thigh tattoo as well.