Netflix Wants YOUR Dog to Star in New Documentary – Find Out How

Netflix | Dogs

Are you a total dog lover? Do you constantly shoot photos of your precious pupper? Does your canine companion even have his or her own Instagram profile?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Netflix may have the perfect opportunity for you.

netflix wants your dogs for their show
Netflix | Dogs

The streaming platform recently announced that they’re bringing back their Dogs docuseries for a second season. So, if you’ve got a good enough story, instead of begging for dog food, your pal could be begging to be featured on the show instead.

Now’s Your Chance

On Thursday, the network shared the exciting news on Twitter, much to the thrill of dog people around the world.

They also explained how to get your shot at a spot on the show. To potentially be featured, you’ll need to share your dog story on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #netflixdogstory. Don’t forget to tag @NetflixDogs in your post as well, as that’s also a requirement.

Basically, you’ll just need to post a photo and tell them all about your favorite furry friend. If you’ve got a  touching – and we mean truly heartwarming – tale to share, your dog could become a star!

Don’t be afraid to go all out.  You can share their favorite toys, favorite dog food, and even their favorite silly things that they do from day to day.

The Joy Dogs Bring

Executive producers Amy Berg and Glen Zipper also released a statement on Wednesday about the show.

They talked about the joy that the show displays between dogs and their owners and how it brings people together. They also said that Dogs gives them a chance to really explore “the most important human stories through relationships with our best friends.”

Berg and Zipper went on to mention how amazing it has been to see how moving the show has become. They also added that the most important part is how the fans now feel like part of their extended family.

“We are honored,” the producers said, “to bring them a fresh set of stories that will allow us to connect with them once again.”

Dogs on Parade

Of course, this news has triggered a wave of social media posts from people around the globe. Parading their pups on the internet, there’ve been all sorts of stories shared by countless dog owners.

As you can see by searching the hashtag, some are aww-worthy and some are simply bizarre.

From the cute, to the inspiring, to the downright crazy, there’s a little bit of everything out there.

Again, if you’re interested in being on the show, don’t hesitate to post a pic of your canine companion online. Just make sure you also have a compelling story to go along with it though.

Here’s wishing you the very best luck!