Miley Cyrus Releases Video as ‘Ashley O’, Her Black Mirror Alter Ego

Youtube | Netflix

Miley Cyrus has just released a new video for the song “On a Roll”, which was featured in the episode of Black Mirror she recently stared in as Ashley O, her trouble popstar alter ego.

miley releases new video ashley o
Youtube | Netflix

Song Originally Featured in Black Mirror Episode

The song itself was briefly heard in the episode, which released on Netflix this month. In it “Ashley O” (Which is really Miley Cyrus in a pink wig) is dressed in several futuristic looking white outfits made from a shiny, leather-like material.

She is accompanied by several backup dancers with long, high ponytails and similar outfits, and is performing in the classic early 2000’s ‘dancer box’, a filming technique you see in a lot of early boy-and girl-band music videos.

As the video goes on, pay attention. You can start to see Ashley O crack, literally and figuratively, as the screen starts to show breaks. Her face flashes from happy and dancing to anguish and sadness quickly, to a brief flash of anger.

The Black Mirror Episode In Question

The newest season of Black Mirror was just released on Netflix, and people have very mixed feelings on it. Many say it is the worst season Black Mirror has ever produced, and the topics in it are not serious or thought-provoking enough, instead just a farce.

Miley’s episode, Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too, has been hit with the worst criticism, with some fans calling it a bizarre episode of Hannah Montana, and others saying it was an awkward Disney flick.

In the episode, the pop star Ashley O has her personality imprinted on an AI (Kind of like Alexa) so this small robot can ‘be your best friend’, following you around to give you encouragement and advice.

The story shows a young girl getting one of these little white robots with the signature pink hair and how she substitutes the AI for a real friend.

Depression Treatment Doesn’t Work

The pop star herself is going through some stuff, to say it lightly. The depression treatment from her manager isn’t working, and we see her medical team talking about upping her dose, her going through testing, and one scene shows her staring blankly out the window, her hair a mess and no makeup on.

The popstars real issue? She wants to make the music she likes, not corporate made pop music that has no soul. Really, that’s the issue here. Defenders of the show and the episode say that if you only take it at face value you aren’t doing justice to the show or the style of Black Mirror, and you need to let it sit with you for a while to get the true meaning.

Others think the writers simply don’t have any ideas left and are reaching for straws – and celebrity cast members to keep viewers interested, instead of compelling storylines. Most think the music video, and the song itself, are the best things to come out of this whole season of the show.