Cardi B Shares Photo of Her Swollen Feet, Swears Off Plastic Surgery

Instagram | Cardi B

It seems Cardi B says she’s done with plastic surgery and has taken up a healthier lifestyle as of late.

Cardi B
Theo Wargo / Getty Images via The Hollywood Reporter

The rap superstar took to social media this week to let everyone know she’s been working out. She also triumphantly claimed that she “ain’t getting surgery again.” Though she added she hasn’t had any headaches since her last procedure.

Regardless, Cardi still has had to take time off from touring recently to recover from having breast augmentation surgery. That meant pulling out of several gigs, which included headlining the 2019 Parklife festival in Manchester, England.

Reasons for Canceling Shows

The Bodak Yellow singer was not happy about canceling her shows, and she certainly made it clear on social media. However, she also explained why it was necessary.

“My breasts gotta f*cking heal and it is what it is,” she said. Canceling shows, she explained, means she loses out on money she could be making.

“I’m a money addict,” Cardi said, noting she gets paid quite handsomely to perform. She said the cancelations equated to millions of dollars she could be otherwise making, but “health is wealth.”

Therefore, she’s doing what she says she has to.

Further Reasons

On her Instagram story, Cardi also shared a picture of her swollen feet and explained that it happens every time she flies. She noted that her stomach actually gets “even more puffy.”

cardi b swollen feet feat
Instagram | Cardi B

The 26-year-old said her doctor suggested she take a break because she says both areas burn when they swell up. She also added that it was “NOT due to ticket sales.”

Hopefully, it’s also not due to deep vein thrombosis. While many people get swollen ankles and feet, especially on long haul flights, it can sometimes be a sign of a serious issue. If you experience this, it’s best to talk to your doctor about it to ensure it’s nothing to worry about.

Allergy Problems

Apparently, puffiness seems to be an issue for Cardi for multiple reasons this week.

On Wednesday, she was also complaining about her face being too swollen for her to put her wig on. That, she attributed to an allergic reaction. One would think she could get some sort of prescription to treat allergies though.

Cardi also complained of being jet-lagged, though she did get a lymphatic massage and a 1-hour workout in. The aforementioned reaction, however, meant she had to cut her six-hour rehearsal down to just four though.

Hopefully working out, living a healthier life, and being done with plastic surgery will help her to feel better soon.