Justin Bieber Cowers Away from Fight with Tom Cruise, Saying ‘he’d whoop my a**”

Instagram | justinbieber

In a classic backtracking movie, Justin Bieber has rescinded his offer of a UFC-style fight with Tom Cruise, stating that he thinks Cruise would “whoop my a**.”

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Instagram | justinbieber

On Sunday, Bieber tweeted that he wanted to fight Tom Cruise in a UFC Octagon. He wasn’t kidding – he stated that Cruise would ‘never live it down’ in the tweet if he didn’t accept, and even tagged Dana White, the UFC president, asking if White could set the match up.

Unsurprisingly, given the popularity of the stars involved, the tweet exploded. It reached nearly a quarter of a million likes, with 39,000 comments and over 40,000 retweets.

Professional Fighters Would’ve Backed the Match

Even Conor McGregor got into it, offering McGregor Sports and Entertainment as a host for the fight.

The former two-weight UFC champion said that on the same card, he wanted his own fight with Mark Wahlberg who is a minority shareholder of UFC. If McGregor won, he wants Wahlberg’s shares.

UFC hall of fame featherweight Urijah Faber even said that he thought Cruise would have the upper hand, though he is a fan of the pop star.

Faber stated he would promote “the hell” out of the match if Cruise would agree to it.

Bieber Took a Big Step Back

When asked if he were serious on Wednesday by TMZ, Bieber responded with ‘nah’, and that he was ‘just playing’ about the UFC match.

“I’d have to get in shape”, he explained.

Vitamins and workouts seem to be very hard for the pop singer who described himself as “very skinny.” He also added that Cruise is probably out of his weight class.

“He’s got that dad strength.”

Making a Wise Choice

Bieber is probably making a smart decision. Despite the 31 years between the two, Cruise was on his high school wrestling team and has been in shape for countless action movies over the years.

He often does his own stunts on the Mission Impossible set and has scaled tall buildings, hung off the side of a plane as it went down the runway, and even completed more than 100 high altitude, low opening parachute jumps for various action movies over the years.

The Biebs knew when he was in over his head, and backed down from it without fuss. Cruise never did respond to the tweet.