What Was She Thinking?! Kylie Jenner Throws a ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Theme Party


The world’s youngest self-made billionaire is under fire from critics again–and this time, it’s a lot more serious than adding walnut shell powder to her face wash.

Kylie Jenner threw an ill-advised birthday bash based on The Handmaid’s Tale over the weekend. What was she thinking?


“Praise Be, Ladies!”

Dressed in the red robes and white bonnets made infamous by the Hulu adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel, Kylie and her young, fashionable friends laughed and took selfies. All the while, they drank “Praise Be” vodka cocktails and “Under His Eye” tequila.

The party, held at Kylie’s home, was in honor of Kylie’s friend Anastasia “Stassi” Karanikolaou’s birthday. She transformed her pad into a replica of Gilead, where The Handmaid’s Tale takes place. Costumed “Marthas”–infertile domestic servants on the show–stood at the entrance to welcome guests.

Those guests include Sofia Richie, the 20-year-old who is dating Scott Disick. You know, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex and the father of her children. Scott (now 36) met Sofia when she was in high school, and they started dating soon after she turned 18.

At one point, Kylie shouted, “Praise be, ladies!” as if the whole thing was nothing but a hilarious joke. Amazingly enough, social media critics didn’t think it was quite so funny.

Seriously, What Were They Thinking?

Even if the Kardashian-Jenners are secretly super-fans of the dark TV show and simply wanted an excuse to watch the 3rd season premiere together, the party seemed deeply tone-deaf.

Women have taken to wearing the red robes and white bonnets to protest for women’s rights–rights that are being eroded across much of the country. For Kylie and her pals to turn it into a party struck many critics as a poorly thought-out decision.

With the level of detail involved in the costuming, drinks, and human props, it does seem as though Kylie is familiar with the show. Or at least hired a party planner who can use Google. But that still doesn’t explain why she thought this would be a fun birthday party theme.

What’s next, a Chernobyl-themed party for Stormi?

A Modern-Day Marie Antoinette

Given that we’re living a world that looks increasingly like the nightmarish future of Gilead, it seems clueless at best for Kylie and her friends to be playing dystopian dress-up. It calls to mind Marie Antoinette, who commissioned a fake rustic village where she could dress up like a milkmaid and pretend to be a peasant when she became bored with the royal court.

Like Kylie, the young queen rose to unimaginable fame and fortune when she was just a teenager. And like Kylie, she was totally out of touch with the lives of ordinary people.