Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to a UFC Fight

Bieber challenges Cruise to UFC fight

Celebrity feuds are nothing new, but typically they don’t result in UFC fights. Of course, honestly, we’re not even sure why Justin Bieber has a beef with Tom Cruise at all.

Bieber challenges Cruise to UFC fight

Nevertheless, the Sorry singer has inexplicably challenged the movie star to a fight.

Tagging UFC president Dana White in a tweet, Bieber wrote: “I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon.” He also suggested that if Tom should refuse, it’d be because he’s afraid, and that he’d “never live it down.”

Holy Wars

Why this sudden desire to fight the Mission Impossible star? Who knows? Perhaps it has to do with Cruise being a Scientologist. Bieber is, after all, a devout Christian.

Considering what we know regarding the insidious nature of Scientology, we could see how Bieber might disapprove of Cruise’s affiliation. The singer is reportedly a member of the Hillsong Church and has a close relationship with NYC pastor Carl Lentz. Hillsong is a Pentecostal megachurch with a global presence with around 80 affiliated locations around the world.

Scientology, albeit a far smaller religion than Christianity itself, is estimated to have around 3,200 churches, missions, and groups.

Of course, repping one’s church in an MMA fighting match does seem a bit odd.

Who Would Win?

Religious affiliations aside, there are two things people are wondering. One, why is this a thing? And two, who would win?

The internet seems to favor Cruise in the fight. After all, he is known for doing his own stunts and is well trained in various fighting techniques. At 56 years old, however, he is more than twice Bieber’s age.

Bieber, as far as we know, has little to no formal fight training. Although Orlando Bloom did punch him that one time in Ibiza.

Either way, it doesn’t seem likely Cruise would stoop to the challenge regardless. Many believe Bieber’s decision is based solely on the fact that he knows the A-lister wouldn’t accept it. Others just think Bieber’s gone off the deep end.

Who’d Promote It?

Though Cruise hasn’t responded, and isn’t likely to, Conor McGregor has – and so has boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya.

“McGregor Sport and Entertainment will host the bout,” McGregor tweeted, if Cruise is “man enough to accept the challenge.”

The often over-the-top Irish middleweight also said he’d “challenge Mark Wahlberg on the very same card.” McGregor also added: “I’d’ve still slapped the ears off him and took my ufc shares back” back when Walhberg was still Marky Mark.

De La Hoya also chimed in, expressing an interest in hosting a fight as well. “I got you @GoldenBoyGaming,” he tweeted in response to Bieber’s request.

Though it’s unlikely such an event will take place, our money would be on Cruise. What do you think?