Love Punky Brewster? You’re Going to Love This Exciting News Even More!

NBC | Punky Brewster

Great news for all those Punky Brewster fans out there – Universal Content Productions is developing a reboot of the ‘80’s sitcom, with Soleil Moon Frye back to reprise her role as Punky!

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NBC | Punky Brewster

In the original sitcom, airing from 1984-1988, Soleil Moon Frye played Penelope “Punky” Brewster, a young girl who was abandoned by her mother at a shopping center after her father left their family. She is taken in by Henry Warnimont, a grumpy elderly photographer, along with her dog Brandon.

Punky Brewster was also treated to a spinoff animated show, It’s Punky Brewster, which only had 2 seasons on NBC, airing from 1985 to 1986.

Some Original Cast is Coming Back

Soleil Moon Frye is on board to play Punky, a now-adult in the TV show. She is set to be a single mom of three children herself, and the reboot reportedly starts with her meeting a young girl that reminds Punky of herself at that age.

Sadly, George Gaynes, who played Henry Warnimont in the original show, passed away in 2016.

Since Punky Brewster has gone off the air, Frye herself has been busy. She has been married to producer Jason Goldberg since October of 1998, and in 2008 the couple renewed their vows. They have four children, all with names as unique as her own – Poet Sienna Rose, Jagger Joseph Blue, Lyric Sonny Roads, and Story.

In her professional life, she has written two books, one on her adventures of parenting and another filled with DIY activities to do with children. She hosted the third season of Home Made Simple on the Oprah Winfrey network which was nominated for an Emmy in the Best Daytime Lifestyle Program category.

Frye has also done voice acting in several animated shows, including Jade from Bratz, Zoey in The Proud Family, and several Robot Chicken characters.

When Can We Watch It?

While UPC is working on developing the reboot to this classic, no network has picked it up as of yet. Don’t fret – this isn’t unusual, and more information is normally needed about a series, and even pilot filming may be done before a network is willing to spend money on a television show.