Fans Finally Convinced that Britney Spears Runs Her Own Instagram After This Happened


After fan concern over the past several weeks about just how much control Britney Spears has over her life, some are feeling better about her independence after a “grammar mistake” on an Instagram post.

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Spears posted a photograph of her doing an impressive yoga pose with one leg straight up. The caption reads, “This is called a needle in dance. I couldn’t do it at 8 but I can now…. Who would have thunk it ??”

Spears use of “thunk” has given some fans a belief that she is, in fact, the one behind the screen posting to her social media, instead of a team of handlers.

What Does ‘Thunk’ Mean?

While some fan comments state that this is a ‘grammar mistake’, the word thunk is actually a colloquialism often used in the south as an alternative to ‘thought’.

Spears was born in Mississippi but raised in Louisiana, so it makes sense that she would have adopted some Southern charm in her speech, even if she spends the majority of her time in LA.

Britney’s Yoga Pose

The pose is quite an impressive one, though her photo leaves little to the imagination. Similar to a penché in ballet, it requires incredible balance, flexibility, and stability to achieve the pose.

Clad in ultra-short, tight gray shorts and a mint green sports bra, it’s clear Spears is in top notch shape. Of course, she does have a personal trainer for a boyfriend, so that likely doesn’t hurt.

So, while she may still be struggling with mental health issues, she’s definitely still keeping her body in shape. For many fans, this should provide some hope that she’ll eventually return to the stage despite her cancelled residency.

Ongoing Concerns for Spears

The Free Britney movement peaked recently after her father Jamie Spears filed to extend his contract and continue to act as the 37-year-old’s conservator.

Many have been worried about her well-being, especially considering her month-long stint in a mental health facility. Following her stay, she reportedly pushed to end the conservator agreement. However, the judge denied her requests for increased freedom.

Considering the tone of the singer’s more recent Instagram posts, some members of the movement have been skeptical of whether she was authoring her own posts.