Channing Tatum’s Girlfriend Makes Revelations About their Relationship


Singer-songwriter Jessie J and Channing Tatum have made no moves to keep their relationship private since striking it up in late 2018, but Jessie J has recently spoken out about her love to Tatum in an interview on Lorraine Monday.

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When Dan Wootton asked her to talk about her love life, she responded, “I have no comment. I am just very content with my life.”

“It is great to see you happy.” He said. Her reply, with a smile?

“Thanks. Everyone deserves happiness right?”

How Long Have They Been Together?

Tatum and Jessie J have been publicly dating since October of 2018, less than a year after Tatum and his wife of nine years Jenna Dewa Tatum announced their separation. The couple has one child together and have both stated they are committed to co-parenting their daughter and staying on good terms, despite the divorce.

All reports on the divorce state it was full of love and understanding, but they had simply grown apart as a couple. The passion they felt at the beginning of their relationship had apparently drifted with the daily routine of life and the hectic schedule that being a celebrity demands.

Not Shy on Social Media

Despite many media outlets reporting Jessie J as an ‘extremely private’ singer, she has no such issues in announcing her love or admiration for her new partner. In November the pair exchanged social media ‘shout outs’, in which Tatum expressed his pride and admiration for Jessie sharing something intimate and personal at a show, and Jessie supporting the Magic Mike stage show opening in London.

They both showcased each other on Instagram for their birthdays, with Tatum’s story showing Jessie singing him a happy birthday. Only last week Tatum posted an Instagram photo giving Jessie credit for taking it with the caption “Plottin and planning. Thinking i should start to create again.”

Jessie commented “Create create create baby. Be you. Be free. Your layers of talent and passion for everything you do are unstoppable. YOUR TIME TO (shine).” The duo clearly are quite supportive of each other in their respective careers.