IKEA Recreates Famous TV Livingrooms, Simpsons, Friends, and More

The Simpsons

Do you ever look at a picture of a couch, or a piece of art, and instantly know what home in a famous TV or movie you saw it in?

simpsons room feat
The Simpsons

In a direct play to that type of nostalgia, IKEA has recreated a series of famous TV living rooms with their products.

The ad campaign is running in the United Arab Emirates, and has been called “Ikea Real Life”. It took several months to put together, and Ikea used 3D digital software to enhance the photos and colors to recreate TV history.

What Living Rooms Did IKEA Choose?

The Ikea Real Life campaign features the living rooms from The Simpsons (Complete with pink walls, a purple side table, and a green phone!), Friends, and Stranger Things.

ikea simpsons
IKEA | Warner Bros

If you are looking to add a little bit of TV nostalgia to your home, all the products featured in the ad campaign can be purchased on Ikea’s website, and some are available in Ikea stores nationwide.

Of course, not all of the props seen will be available for purchase. And yes, we know you may be bummed about not being able to obtain your own green phone via Ikea.

Still, if it’s your dream to live like Joyce Byers, Monica Gellar, or the Simpsons, the Swedish retailer will help you come pretty darn close.

The Cost of Recreation

Best of all, the most expensive thing is the Simpson’s couch – the Knislinge – which costs less than $400. Just about everything pictured is quite affordable even for those on a relatively tight budget.

So, while these options may not be perfect, exact replicas, they’re at least affordable.

Whether or not anyone’s going to run out and buy an entire living room, of course, is here to be seen. Regardless, the furniture retailer did achieve an impressive feat – and that is to create a brilliant, viral marketing campaign.

ikea friends
IKEA | Warner Bros
ikea stranger things
IKEA | Warner Bros