Disney Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Opens, You Won’t Believe Who Showed Up!


Disneyland’s new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction opens Friday, and to cut the red tape they brought in their own galaxy of stars.

disney star wars galaxys edge feat

At the attraction’s grand opening, Star Wars creator George Lucas surprised the crowd by taking the stage in front of the park’s life-sized Millennium Falcon.

Lucas was then joined on the platform by Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Mark Hammil (Luke Skywalker), and Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian).

Yes, the festivities included a full-on reunion – and a really big deal!

The Cast Reunites

Each of the guests, one by one, commented on the famous ship and the ride that has now become of it.

Williams reminded the crowd that he – as Lando – was the Millenium Falcon’s first owner. “It’s amazing to see her looking so good today,” he said.

Hamill remarked that he never thought he’d have been in a movie that’d get its own theme park ride.

Then, to open the new attraction, with Chewbacca appearing in the cockpit, Hammil called to him, “lets fire up the Falcon!”

But something went wrong…

Getting the Ship Running

With the engines not turning over, Iger addressed the crowd.

“This is just a little embarrassing,” he said. “Is there somebody who knows how to fix this thing?”

Enter Harrison Ford.

Though Peter Mahew, who played Chewbacca, died last month, Ford gave a shout out to his late co-star.

“Peter… this one’s for you!” he exclaimed, as he gave the ship’s hull a couple of quick punches. With that, the ship started up and the attraction was officially opened.

“Star Tours on steroids”

Friday’s opening includes just a portion of what Galaxy’s Edge will ultimately offer. This weekend, the park’s themed shops will open along with the Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Another ride, the 28-minute Rise of the Resistance will open later this year.

Lucas called Galaxy’s Edge “Star Tours on steroids”, referring to the original Disneyland Star Wars attraction that lived at the park from 1987 to 2016.

According to Hamill, Wednesday was the first time he and Lucas had been in a Disney park together since the opening of that original attraction.