Celeb Gossip Roundup: What You Missed Over Memorial Day Weekend

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We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day–but no matter what you did, it wasn’t as fabulous as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid drinking wine on a yacht in Monaco!

Here’s the fresh gossip you missed over the weekend.

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J.J. Watt Is Engaged!

Congrats are owed to hunky football player J.J. Watt and soccer star Kealia Ohai. He popped the question over the weekend during a romantic sunset walk along the waterfront. The couple shared a few deliriously happy pics on Instagram to celebrate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reached out to wish the couple joy–and made an unexpected offer, too. “Congratulations my man! If you need someone to officiate, I happen to have the power,” Schwarzenegger commented. They should totally take him up on that–but only if he’ll dress up as the Terminator.

Moby Issues a Public Apology

Hey, remember how Moby claimed he dated 20-year-old Natalie Portman, and she argued that he was actually a creep hitting on a barely legal starlet? Well, Moby didn’t confess that he outright lied, but he admits that he handled the entire situation badly.

In his public apology on Instagram, he said it was “truly inconsiderate” not to reach out to Natalie before he wrote about her in his memoir. He also claims that “given the dynamic of our almost 14 year age difference I absolutely should’ve acted more responsibly and respectfully when Natalie and I first met almost 20 years ago.”

Kris Jenner Defends Her Man

In Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, tensions exploded between Kris Jenner and her son-in-law, Kanye West. It seems he was disrespecting her man in a series of texts–feelings that were echoed by the other members of the Kardashian clan, who are apparently uneasy with their matriarch’s partner.

Kris Jenner (63) began dating Corey Gamble (38) in 2014, not long after her divorce from Caitlyn Jenner. Unusually for the fame-hungry family, Kris has kept her relationship on the downlow. It seems as though her desire for privacy extends to her own family, since the cause of the beef appears to be that they don’t know or trust Corey.

West texted Corey, “‘Look, we don’t know you, we’ve never met any of your family members,’ ” Kim said on their long-running reality show. “Of course we’ve all felt that way and thought that, but for Kanye to just so bluntly say that to him — I feel like that was the wrong choice to make at that time.”

It probably doesn’t help that Kim is the same age as her mom’s boyfriend!