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Even if you’ve never once watched Game of Thrones, there’s a good chance you’ve seen pictures of Daenerys Targaryen.

Daenerys' Hair
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And that means you’ve likely also gotten a look at her makeup, intricately designed apparel, and – of course – her hair.

Diehard fans, hair stylists, and anyone else who’s been paying attention have also noticed that it’s changed throughout the series.

The Right to Braids

Perhaps you’ll recall all the way back in Season 1 that Daenerys explained the symbolic nature of her braids.

“Next you’ll want to braid my hair,” her brother exclaimed in one scene.

“You’ve no right to a braid! You’ve won no victories yet,” she scolded him. Under Dothraki law, it would not be legal for her brother to be sporting interwoven hair.

For the Dothraki, braids are telling of one’s conquests. And since that scene, Dany’s hairstyle has evolved quite a bit to incorporate more and more of them. Not to mention her hair has gotten longer as well. This, too, represents one’s ferocity.

Some Minor Mistakes

During the eighth and final season of the series, there have been several headline-grabbing gaffes – one of which involved Dany’s hair.

Plenty of fans were quick to notice what appeared to be a Starbucks coffee cup on a table in Winterfell. Fewer, however, noticed that there was another slip even earlier in the season.

In Episode 1 of Season 8, upon her arrival in Winterfell, Daenerys’s hairstyle seemed to be lacking some of its oomph. Apparently, actress Emilia Clarke had been styled with the wrong wig. Oops! Though her entrance was impressive, this certainly marked a minor continuity error.

All Things Must Come to an End

Though Season 8 has clearly been plagued by the film crew’s clumsy mistakes, we’re sure there must be a reason. Perhaps they were all plagued by depression, knowing that the show would soon be coming to the end. Clarke even admitted as much.

“That was the moment I realized that alcohol can also be a depressant,” she said regarding the moment she learned of her character’s fate.

We can only hope she doesn’t require a stint in rehab – and that goes for the crew as well. Everyone being drunk certainly would explain the continuity issues and awkward mistakes.