Taylor Swift Reveals Gross Personal Hygiene Secret on Ellen Show

Taylor Swift continues to find controversy in the most unexpected ways.

Yesterday on The Ellen Show, the pop star started a near social-media riot by discussing an unusual shower habit.

taylor swift gross habit secret feat

The Shaving Cream is Like Soap, Right?

Faced with the simple question of, “Do you wash your legs in the shower?” Swift replied saying she thinks shaving cream is close enough to soap, so soap isn’t actually needed.

Puzzingly, Ellen seemed to agree with the 29-year old at first, saying “Yeah it is. I think that’s the reason that most women wash their legs, because we have to, because we shave our legs.”

Since shaving cream isn’t usually anti-bacterial, Ellen pressed “So whenever you’re not shaving, you don’t wash?”

“I don’t think I would say that…but I kind of always shave my legs every day,” Swift countered.

“You must be hairy,” snarked DeGeneres before changing the subject.

The Shower Police Reacts

Naturally, TayTay-Twitter had strong opinions on the issue. In a poll conducted by @TheEllenShow, 75% of respondents said they wash their legs in the shower.

Some, like user @chamomile1972, were put off by the fact that Swift’s soaping seemed to stop at her waist:

“I’m confused isn’t the shower supposed to be the place where you wash EVERYTHING?!”

Others were more confused to find out that shaving cream and soap are apparently the same things now. The claim caused some users, like @lexismclaugh, to issue short PSAs: “shaving cream is not a form of soap, soapy water running down your legs is not “cleaning” them, just because you didn’t get your legs muddy doesn’t mean they aren’t dirty. All I’m saying is, please actively wash your legs when you bathe”

While Ellen didn’t revisit the subject, don’t be surprised if there’s a song about the scandal on Swift’s next album.

The whole affair is reminiscent of a running joke on the FX series, You’re the Worst, in which one of the lead characters is relentlessly made fun of by her boyfriend for not washing her legs in the show. Maybe Gretchen and Taylor should grab a drink sometime.