Simpsons Episode Once Again Predicted the Future in Game of Thrones

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Be it freaky fortune telling or a Game of Thrones writer being a little low on ideas, The Simpsons has once again predicted a major pop culture event.

(Game of Thrones Spoilers Ahead)

simpsons predicts again game of thrones
21st Century Fox | Disney | The Simpsons

The Serfsons Episode

Many Game of Thrones fans were disappointed (ok, enraged) by the series’ penultimate episode in which Daenerys Targaryen burned capital city King’s Landing to the ground. For astute TV watchers, however, it wasn’t the first time they’ve seen this scene.

A 2017 Simpsons episode called The Serfsons parodied GoT and predicted the twist with striking similarity. After poking fun at its source material throughout the episode, a mother dragon turns the kingdom of Springfieldia into fiery ruins the same way Daenerys’ did King’s Landing.

Not Their First Foretelling

“Simpsons did it!” is hardly a new catchphrase.

The show has previously made headlines for accurately predicting countless real life events.

In 1993, they predicted the the tiger attack on Vegas show duo Siegfried & Roy. In 2003, their show came to an end after Roy was mauled by a white tiger. And in 1998, they predicted Disney’s takeover of Fox.

It doesn’t stop there though, they even knew five years in advance that Lady Gaga would headline a Super Bowl halftime show. Even the costumes were similar, as was the singer being suspended over the arena.

Simpsons writers prophetic capabilities have also extended to politics, correctly calling the NSA spying scandal, Greece defaulting on their debt, and the election of Donald Trump as president.

More Incidents of Simpsons Sorcery

It’s almost as if the writers have some uncanny powers of extrasensory perception – or a time machine. Time, Buzzfeed, and others have written of the many times the show’s accurately managed to forecast the future.

They predicted FaceTime-esque video chatting back in 1995, long before the iPhone had even come about. In 1999, Homer discovered the Higgs boson, 14 years before physicists actually confirmed the “God particle’s” existence. And in 2010, Milton already knew Bengt Holmström was a contender for the Nobel Prize in Economics. The Finnish economist was awarded the prize in 2016.

A faulty voting machine in Pennsylvania was taken out of service in 2012 after recording a vote for Barack Obama as one for Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. For some, this incident felt like déjà vu, considering it also happened to Homer Simpson in 2008. While trying to vote for Obama, the machine in The Simpsons kept switching Homer’s vote to John McCain.

Eerie, isn’t it?